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Ikeda Spa: Step Into A World Of Onsen & Traditional Japanese Massages In Singapore

Enjoying a full Japanese spa experience in Singapore has never been easier given the extraordinary range of services found at Ikeda Spa. It incorporates Japanese facilities and techniques in their bath, massages, facials and other beauty treatments.

When we saw what the spa had to offer, we couldn’t resist finding out more. Check out these key picks you that you could gratify yourself with when you spend a day there.

Hinoki Onsen

The first stop is definitely their special onsen lined with wood from hinoki trees, which are usually used in Japanese incense.

The hinoki wood releases special oils into the water and is said to have a calming effect on your body.

To further spice up your bathing experience, Ikeda Spa even provides bath salts that may be added to the water. We had a bath salt that’s meant to intensify the hinoki scent.

Soaking in an onsen is great for your health, both mentally and physically as it softens your skin and helps you to detox while you sit back and let the scents soothe your mind; a perfect way to unwind after a facing a long day of work.

The baths at Clarke Quay are sento-style, which means that the tub is “public” and allows a few guests to share it at one time. If you’re a little shy, not to worry, black disposable undergarments are available for you to wear, so you can still enjoy the onsen while protecting your modesty.

Zen Candle Therapy Massage

After dipping in the bath, it’s on to one of Ikeda Spa’s signature treatments, the Zen Candle Therapy Massage. Massages should always be done after baths so that any oils used do not mix with the bath water.

The masseuse starts with a simple kneading of your body to ease your muscles, then candles are melted to produce a smooth wax that will be rubbed on the back. It feels buttery and slick, nothing like conventional melted wax at all.

Heated to a warm temperature, it will bring sweet relief to your skin and won’t burn you at all.

You’ll get to pick from three lovely scents: bamboo bliss, sakura passion and yuzu refresh.

Sakura passion is the strongest of the three, flowery and full of energy, while bamboo bliss’s smell is light and calming.

We went with yuzu refresh, which has a moderate-strength scent and relaxing feel.

Prices start at S$180+ and can be booked with other massage add-ons if you wish to bring the experience even further.

Private Couple Rooms

Sometimes, a bit of alone time with your partner can be rejuvenating for the both of you, and Ikeda Spa has just the facilities for that. At both branches, there are couple rooms available for booking.

With your companion, you can enjoy massages and couple baths when spending some quality time together. There’s a little sitting area to the side where you may both choose to be served food after the massage.

The VIP Couple Spa Suite at their Bukit Timah branch even has an open-air bath, or as the Japanese call it, rotenburo. The feeling of being surrounded by nature with no one else but the two of you in steamy hot water… It’s the perfect romantic setting for anniversaries and birthdays!

Unique Experiences

If you’re feeling adventurous, we suggest you try one of their Chidoriya facials, which start from S$160+. It contains traditional ingredients used by geishas in the past, such as nightingale droppings (poop).

For all the scepticism that it may draw, this treatment is considered a luxury that has been used since the Edo period. Today, you can take delight in it too.

The pampering doesn’t stop there; Ikeda Spa’s array of body scrubs and wraps are the ultimate experience for an anti-ageing skincare regime.

Enjoying a refreshing cup of tea after a massage is bliss

Can’t wait to get started on the indulging? Check out their website for promotions and packages to get the best deal possible.

Check out a preview of our experience here:

Prices: baths start from S$80+, massages start from S$120+, facials start from S$160+

Package prices: from S$228+

Ikeda Spa Prestige: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, Clarke Quay Central #05-22 (Level 5 Carpark) Singapore 059817 (Clarke Quay Branch) | Opening Hours: 1pm to 10pm (Daily) | Tel: 63888080 | Website | Facebook

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