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IKEA Turns Their Shopping Bag Into A Bucket Hat – Available On eBay

Bucket hats have been trending for a while now, and so has upcycling. IKEA has upcycled their FRAKTA shopping bags to bring us IKEA KNORVA fisherman-style bucket hats.

Credit- eBay

These KNORVA bucket hats are made out of IKEA’s classic blue plastic FRAKTA carrier shopping bags. Each bucket hat is 3.5 inches tall and about 6 inches in diameter, along with the prominent ‘IKEA’ store logo across the front in bright yellow block letters.

Credit- eBay

From what I know, the KNORVA bucket hats were available in most of IKEA’s stores- retailing at US$3.99 (approx S$5.40). Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Singapore’s IKEA stocks em’. The US IKEA outlets have quickly sold out of these unique hats and now you can only find them being marked up and resold online.

Luckily for us, the KNORVA bucket hat is available on eBay! The KNORVA bucket hat is being resold and costs US$11.99 – US$29.99. There are several accounts selling these bucket hats on eBay so you could potentially buy this hat for cheaper depending on your desperation level.

This isn’t the first time the Swedish furniture giant has had its iconic bag remade into a hat design. In 2017, Los Angeles fashion brands Pleasures and Chinatown Market made a baseball hat from the blue tote bag.

Credit- eBay

Looks like your outfit is about to get a whole lot eco-friendlier with these KNORVA bucket hats. These bucket hats have sold out officially in IKEA stores so I’d advise you to place your order right now. Shop on eBay here to get your IKEA bucket hat!

Cover photo from Magnetoreseller01 on eBay

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