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| On 2 years ago

Immerse Yourself In Bright Lights & Ethereal Sights At i Light Marina Bay 2018 Till 1 Apr

i Light Marina Bay is back again from 9 March – 1 April 2018 with more installations that will dazzle your eyes. With a total of 22 light art installations spanning from the Marina Bay area to Esplanade Park, you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice.

While we couldn’t possibly fit all 22 installations into one article, here are some exhibits that caught our eye.

—Installations To Look Out For At Esplanade Park—

1. Transistable Plastic

Transistable Plastic is an installation that turns what essentially is rubbish into an aesthetically-pleasing art piece. The vacuum bags are filled with crowd-sourced plastic containers and LED lights to create panels that glow with an almost ethereal light.

Gently push aside the panels and step into the space created by Spanish artist, Luzinterruptus, and you’ll get a great photo op.

2. Cradle2Cradle

Designed by local artists William Kwan-Terry and Kenny Chia, Cradle2Cradle engages the principles of Newton’s Cradle. The exhibit requires the audience to step in and push the spheres. But, please be gentle!

As the spheres knock into each other, energy is transferred from one sphere to another and the result is a brief but mesmerising light show.

3. illumaphonium

As you stroll along the Singapore River, keep your ears tuned to catch the soft tinkling sounds from the illumaphonium exhibit.

Created by British artist Michael Davis, illumaphonium is a semi-acoustic, multi-player musical sculpture. Use the sticks provided to tap on the chime bars to create various tunes. Whether the result is a harmonious or a discordant ensemble will depend on your chemistry with your fellow “musicians”.

Also, the illuminated panels make for a pretty photo op!

4. Milk Bottle Cows

The Milk Bottle Cows installation by Singaporean BP Loh may look a little out of place compared to its more fancy counterparts but I really appreciated the irony in this installation.

It’s a cow made from milk bottles — did you see what he did there? Also, the artificial cows are grazing on a field of real grass. Hmm.

5. Dancing Grass

Another exhibit that subverts the ordinary is Dancing Grass by South Korean artists Yuree Hong and Siyoung Kim.

These larger-than-life blades of glowing leaves have differing heights and some stand firm while others sway with the wind. Together, they represent a form of harmony amidst diversity, much like Singapore’s community.

6. Elements Of Life

Watch as the Merlion comes alive through Elements Of Life by Malaysian artist Flex Chew. It’s a light show incorporating the different elements, Water, Earth, Wind and Fire, all of which are essential for achieving sustainability.

—Installations To Look Out For At Marina Boulevard—

1. MailboX

Credit: i Light Marina Bay 2018

Send a tweet with the hashtag #ilightmarinabay to have your message displayed on MailboX. A joint effort by various Australian artists, this massive mailbox comes alive with a plethora of neon colours, making it really stand out at night.

The installation also responds to the volume of the crowd, so make more noise to let the colours really pop!

3. Octopoda

Credit: i Light Marina Bay 2018

Australian artists amigo and amigo created the Octopoda to be powered by audience interaction.

In order for this interactive exhibit to be fully lit, audience members have to step up to the eight tentacle drums and form a percussion ensemble of sorts. When all eight drums are being played, the installation will display a series of mechanical moves and rhythmic light patterns.

4. Passage

Credit: i Light Marina Bay 2018

Credit: i Light Marina Bay 2018

Passage by Canadian artist Serge Maheu is minimal yet charming.

Walk through the neon-lit path and have your friend wait at the other end to capture the perfect photo. As you’re moving through the passage, the tunnel will display various light animations and sounds.

5. Dreamscape

Credit: i Light Marina Bay 2018

Another ethereal exhibit is Dreamscape by Polish artist Magdalena Radziszewska. The giant orchids are set aglow with lights and seemingly transport the audience to another realm. An ephemeral realm of dreams and fantasies.

— —

Credit: Gastrobeats

Marina Bay is truly the best area to hang out at this March with i Light Marina Bay 2018 encompassing not just light art installations but also Gastrobeats at The Promontory and the Art-Zoo Inflatable Park at The Float @ Marina Bay.

Credit: Art-Zoo Pte Ltd

Relive your childhood at the adorable playground, fuel up at the various food stores and slowly walk off your dinner by exploring the light displays. Do you think you’ll be able to spot all 22 of the exhibits?

While you’re having fun admiring the installations and trying to get a creative shot, don’t forget the purpose of the whole festival!

Keep in mind that these installations are designed by artists all over the world with the common theme of sustainability. That means energy-saving lighting and a heavy use of recycled or environmentally-friendly materials.

If it’s possible to create art while being eco-friendly, surely we can do more in saving the earth in our daily lives too, right?

Dates & Times: 9 March – 1 April 2018, 7.30pm – 11pm (Mon to Thurs, Sun) & 7.30pm – 12am (Fri & Sat)

Price: Free Admission

i Light Marina Bay 2018: Marina Bay Waterfront | Website | Facebook

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