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HYPOXI Singapore: Cycle Away Inches Off Your Body With This Program That Utilises Vacuum & Compression

I love trying out new fitness programs, as novel as they are, and sometimes even as odd as they may seem. When I came across a video ad for HYPOXI Singapore, I instantly knew I had to get in on the action.

The name itself doesn’t immediately give away what they program entails, and it’s even tougher to precisely explain how the technology works, but it sure was fun trying it out!

This odd-looking contraption withholds a cycling machine in which the user cycles according to a specified RPM (rounds per minute) and within a recommended heart rate (based off their initial body analysis).

The secret lies in what they call the HYPOXI®-Method, which combines low impact exercise with advanced technology and balanced nutritional intake to help your body work smarter, not harder.

The process starts with them taking my weight, which I refrained from allowing myself to take a peek at (READ: in major denial).

Then my height and body measurements were taken, along with an HYPOXI coach giving a run-through of the targeted areas that the HYPOXI®-Method effectively targets. I was asked what my main concern was, either weight loss or reduction in circumference (of the belly), and I said my belly was definitely an issue.

A 3D scan of my entire body was also done. After all the logistical matters were out of the way, I was informed that it would be best if my six-session program incorporated a tailored combination that targets cellulite and fat loss in 50 minutes per session.

The first part of my session, I was led to a private curtained area where another strange-looking contraption awaited me. The machine, called HDC Dermology, helps with lymphatic drainage, cellulite, and is touted to assist in improving one’s blood circulation with the use of vacuum and compression.

I climbed into a bulky wetsuit-like attire with a lining of inflatable bubbles, that was later on attached to tubes that ran out of the machine.

I lay on the bed in anticipation of how the intense the suction would be like, as I’d heard that it can get a little uncomfortable and those with claustrophobia might not enjoy the sensation too much.

My HYPOXI coach rigged me and the suit to the machine, and gradually all the air from inside the suit was sucked out through the tubes. The feeling to me was like being vacuum-packed, ready to be sous vide.

The tiny popping of bubbles was a peculiar but not terribly uncomfortable feeling, and after 20 minutes of letting the machine do all the work, it was on to the workout part of the program.

Before stepping into the machine, my HYPOXI coach strapped me up in heart rate monitors so as to ensure I was keeping within the recommended heart rate for ideal fat loss. The entire point of this program isn’t to go hard and accelerate cardiovascular intensity; it’s to keep consistent within the ‘fat burning’ range for your body in order to see the best results.

The pace itself is determined by your age, body shape, vein and skin condition, metabolic rate and fitness level.

Yes, I had to adorn even more equipment, this time something that resembled a large petticoat skirt that was zipped up in the front and worn high, right under the bust line. I certainly have never been required to wear this much clothing just to get in some exercise!

The Trainer-L 250 requires one to lie down while cycling and having to resist the alternating vacuum-suction action that you’ll feel inside the machine. It took some getting used to, admittedly, but after some time, I felt like I could cycle on effortlessly for the entire 30-minute duration.

I could feel most of the tension not only in my thighs and glutes but also in my core, given that I have to use it to stabilise myself and counteract the downward-pulling force of the machine.

The other training machine, Trainer S120, which simulates the regular upright cycling action allows one to easily watch your favourite videos or Netflix episodes on a tablet, making the time fly without you even realising it. You can watch your shows on this horizontally-positioned trainer as well, but it might tire your arms out after a while, holding up your device.

Once the entire 50-minute session was complete, I was treated to a hot cup of tea. The blend was created in collaboration with Abundant Earth and is meant to help with bloating, removal of toxins and improve blood circulation.

Although the workout wasn’t high-impact, I still managed to break a decent sweat. For six sessions, done over six consecutive days, with only a single day of rest after the fourth session, my mornings were occupied with getting into the HDC Dermology and Trainer S120 (yes, I switched over the vertical machine as it was deemed more appropriate for my goals).

Given that I had refused to know what my beginning bodily statistics were, I could only rely on my HYPOXI coach showing me the numbers once the six sessions were done.

As you see, I lost a total of 11.5 cm overall, with most of the loss coming from my stomach area, which I’m really surprised and happy about! I was asked if I’d noticed any difference in my body over the six days, and I could only tell from the fit of my clothes.

The slight increase in weight doesn’t bother me, given I truly believe weight is just a number and how you feel, and what your body can do for you as well as overall health is a much better indicator of whether you’re on the right track.

My diet didn’t change much, even though it’s required for you to avoid carbs during the program as well as abstain from eating two hours right after your workout. My job as a food writer definitely makes it a lot harder to be on a diet-centric program, but it’s encouraging to see even this program gave me results!

It’s hard to suss out the real deal and the dupes in today’s modern world of workouts, and if I had to be completely honest, I thought the HYPOXI program was mere theatrics. But I am happy to report that in only six 50-minute sessions, I managed to see tangible changes in my body.

I can only imagine how much change I’d witness if I were on a stricter eating plan and attended more sessions (their typical program consists of 12 sessions). Should you give it a go, though? I say for those opposed to working out, or just wanting to get fit again, this is a great low-impact starter.

The initial results will surely spur you in wanting to push yourself harder and perhaps even take on a more active lifestyle! I know it was a positive experience for me that made me want to take my workouts more seriously again.

Prices: From S$98 onwards

HYPOXI Singapore: 30 Tai Seng Street, Breadtalk IHQ, #02-14, Singapore 534013 | Tel: +65 6443 0500/6443 1802 | Opening hours: (Mon to Fri) 9.30am – 8pm, (Sat & Sun) 9.30am – 4pm | Website | Facebook | Instagram

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