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The Future Is Here! Hotel Jen Singapore Has Hired Two Robot Butlers To Meet Your Needs

Credit – Hotel Jen

While the rest of us are in 2017, Hotel Jen is in 3017 with its two newest hires. The fun hotel brand from the Shangri-La Group are the first international brand to use autonomous relay robots in Asia.

Credit – Hotel Jen

The duo, playfully named Jeno & Jena, now deliver desired amenities and local delights from the in-room dining menu to guests round the clock.

Need an extra towel or a bottle of water? You can expect these robots to have them delivered to your doorstep within 15 minutes.

Credit – Hotel Jen

These relay robots boast features such as space awareness sensors, the ability to make calls to rooms upon arrival, and can even ride the elevator (at a safe speed of 2.5km/h). An integrated software helps them maintain their to-do list.

Credit – Hotel Jen

Still sceptical? These relay robots from Savioke have already made over 150,000 autonomous deliveries in over 70 dynamic environments since their first deployment in 2014.

Hotel Jen is located in Orchard Gateway and Tanglin in Singapore. If you’re looking for a hotel that matches your spontaneous experiences and playful nature, you know where to plan your next staycation!

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