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| On 2 years ago

HeadRock VR Sentosa: Shoot Zombies And Go On Adventures With Virtual Technology

Virtual Reality games aren’t limited to small spaces and one screen. Did you know that VR can be turned into a multi-dimensional ride as well?

Enter HeadRock VR, Singapore’s first VR theme park at Resorts World Sentosa. This experience started in Korea, and now has branches in the US and Japan as well.

Headrock VR is made up of 11 different attractions, split into three sections based on colour—green, orange, and blue. These colours represent the different intensity of the games, with blue being the most intense and immersive.

Tickets to Headrock VR will cost S$35 for a Big 3 (one game from each zone) , S$50 for a Big 5 ( two games each from the blue and orange zone, and one green zone game) , and S$65 for a Big 7 ( two blue zone games, 3 orange zone games and two green zone games). They can be purchased on-site, or at SISTIC.

Green Zone Games

The green zone games are designed for people who are new to virtual reality. These attractions, unlike the ones later in this list, only requires you to be stationary and do not have jerky movements that might cause one to have motion-sickness.

In the VR Room,  you will have a chance to try out easy games such as Zombie Slasher, Bank Sheriff and Shooting Warrior. I tried the Zombie Slasher game, in which you wield a virtual chainsaw and hack at pumpkins and zombies coming your way Fruit Ninja style. I was completely immersed in it, and the attendant had to remind me not to swing too wide to avoid tangling myself in the wire.

While not exactly a VR game, channel your inner Hawkeye as you fire arrow after arrow at a target board in Robin Hood. Nothing beats the satisfying sound when your arrow hits the bullseye.

The most fun I had in Headrock VR and an attraction I would definitely recommend is Zombie Busters. In this game, you are given an automatic rifle and have to shoot wave after wave of zombies until you have lost all your lives. This is probably the attraction that will keep you entertained the longest, provided you are not a bobo shooter.

Orange Zone Games

The orange zone games are designed to give guests an introduction to VR rides, as these rides will require you to get on a designed seat to be fully immersed in the experience.

In the Horror Room, escape a scary ritual deep in the woods and cackling witches who try to lay their hands on you. I was a little disappointed as the ride was not as scary as I imagined—the jerks and jump scares were anticipatory. The graphics weren’t of the finest quality as well.

You may have seen videos online of people trying their best to control their fear as they walk through a narrow pathway on top of a skyscraper in virtual reality. Skyscraper does just that, but with a twist. In this attraction, you will be standing on an elevator platform which will constantly be on the rise. Battle droids along the way, until you reach the top where you have to then walk that dreaded narrow pathway and defuse a bomb. Don’t be afraid, if you were to really fall, the entire area is surrounded by thick mats.  

For VR newbies, the Extreme Train is a good start. It is essentially a virtual roller coaster that takes you breezing through mountains as you search for treasure. A cool feature of this game is that it features Singapore’s Gardens By the Bay in its gameplay.

Go on a journey through time in Jungle Rafting, where you get on a boat and ride through a jungle in escape from a T-rex. Of all the orange zone games, this is the ride that involves the most movement and will definitely prepare you for the more immersive blue zone games later.

Blue Zone Games

The blue zone games were designed to give you the most immersive and challenging VR experience. My timid body shivered in anticipation for what was to come.

Here, you will find the trademark of all VR games, Beat Saber. Nothing much needs to be explained about the gameplay because if you’ve come to this page, chances are you would’ve seen, or at least heard of Beat Saber— it is a VR rhythm game where you slash the beats of adrenaline-pumping music as they fly towards you. However, we didn’t come all the way here to play a generic VR game.

In my opinion, Storm Blizzard wins the best graphics award amongst all the attractions in Headrock VR. In this game, you will be storming past a blizzard and ride across mountaintops on a dog sledge. The room is even intentionally adjusted to be of lower temperature to simulate the Arctic weather. For an added dose of realism, the fans will turn on at set intervals and engulf the guests in a strong gust of wind.

Flying Dive is one of Headrock VR’s high element games. Flying Dive is meant to simulate the feeling of skydiving and plunging in and out of digital magma. As this ride looked the most menacing with its suspending harnesses, I expected it to have more thrill and make my heart drop. It was, however, quite mild. A case of don’t judge a ride by its suspended harnesses.

The last of the high element games, Jump Jump, however, was the first ride in Headrock VR that managed to make me let out a decent expletive. In this game, cling on to your seat for dear life as you jump through the jungle on treetops, all the while avoiding crocodiles sniping from below. With crisp graphics, as well as the ability (not very hard) to make me let out a swear word, the three of us came to a consensus that this was the best attraction here at Headrock VR.

To Headrock or to Head Home?

If thrill is what you are after, I would like to remind you that the neighbouring Universal Studios Singapore is just a few doors down. Of course, you cannot directly compare both of these attractions as VR uses the power of suggestion whereas the rides at USS utilise the actual laws of physics to build gargantuan rides that give you a good, satisfying scream.

If you are timid like me and you know going to a theme park like USS will be a waste of money, then HeadRock VR might be a good place for you to spend your time at. If you are looking for a unique VR experience other than the traditional games, I would recommend coming here as well.

We understand that you are unable to try all the games at one go when coming to HeadRock VR, so it is paramount to choose the games that offer the most thrill and/or have the longest duration — and we’re here to cover that. Our recommendations if you were to purchase a Big 3 ticket: Zombie Busters for the green zone, Jungle Rafting for the orange zone and lastly, Jump Jump for the blue zone. These select games are must-try as they offer the most immersive VR experience are sure to make your S$35 and the trip down to Sentosa worth the while.

Operating Hours: 10am – 8pm (last admission at 7pm)

Price: S$35 (Big 3), S$50 (Big 5), S$65 (Big 7)

Headrock VR: 26 Sentosa Gateway #01-38/39, Singapore 098138 | Website | Tickets | Tel: 69634609 / 6963412

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