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| On 2 years ago

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – A Guide To Join The Wizarding World In Singapore

Potterheads, grab your mobile phones right now and download the latest app Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Following a similar concept as the famous Pokemon GO, it is time to experience the world of Harry Potter through mobile gaming.

Unlike Pokemon Go where you aim to catch ’em all, Wizard Unite differs from that bit. What you have to do in the game is to track down and defeat Confoundables (chaotic magic causing Foundables to get stuck in the Muggle/human world) in order to “return” Foundables (magical items stuck here) guarded by Confoundables.

Returning Foundables add to your Registry to measure the progress of your game. These Foundables spawn randomly on your map for a limited time, but you can also spawn rates at the Inn.

Here’s a beginner’s guide to getting you started playing Wizards Unite in Singapore with a lot of comparison to Pokemon GO so it’s easier to understand.

Some similar gameplay terms to Pokemon GO:

Foundables = Pokemon

Fortress = Gym

Inn/ Greenhouse = PokeStop

Creating A Character

Sign in with your Facebook or Google account and you will be asked to enter your name. Then after, you will be prompted to pick your own code name which serves basically as your username. Your entire appearance can be customised where you can get to choose from a variety of options including that of a beard and a giant wizard hat.

There are further customizations that you can make to your Ministry ID upon completion of the basic tutorial. You can change your  Hogwarts house and wizarding achievements there.

These choices are not permanent and you can change your house if you feel like it anytime. So you can be in Ravenclaw for a day and Gryffindor for a next, it does not really matter at all.

Furthermore, customize your own wand type to be used as well! Again, the wand look is purely aesthetic and doesn’t affect any attributes, so everybody will start off at level one and work your way up in this gameplay regardless. Three professions unlock at level six, each having their own unique perks and expansive skill trees: Auror, Professor and Magizoologist.

How To Play

Similar to that of catching a Pokemon with your Poke Balls, “returning” a foundable in the Wizarding World uses Spell Energy. Your job is to run around and return all the magical creatures, things, or people (Foundables) back to the Wizarding World by using your wand to trace the glyphs, something that we will get to later.

Collectively these magical things are called Foundables, and they get added to your Registry records when you collect/return them.

Gold is a valuable resource in the game where you can use it to speed up things like potion brewing and to purchase useful gameplay items from the shop, Diagon Alley. Gold can be accumulated from the completion of assignments as well as by levelling up.

Gameplay Essentials To Look Out For

So how do we generate more Spell Energy? Well, you will have to physically travel to the inns and greenhouses which are geo-located in specific spots in the real world like PokeStops. Just make sure that you are within range in order to access it.

In inns, you can pick from one of five random food items, which can replenish your spell energy. You’ll have to wait for five minutes before you can consume more food. Inns also allow you to use Dark Detectors to increase the spawn rate of Foundables at the Inn for 30 minutes (like Pokemon lures).

Finishing your daily assignments is another way for you to recharge your Spell Energy other than eating foods. Daily assignments include tasks you have to complete in-game such as returning a certain amount of Foundables or brewing a number of potions.

If you still need more Energy, you can also try your luck at pulling herbs out of greenhouses. Basically all you have to do is to pick a potted plant and be rewarded with a certain type of ingredient.

Keep a look out for random small items that appear on the ground in your travels, tap them to pick them up. They are ingredients that you need to craft a variety of Potions. Tapping the Potions icon in the Suitcase will let you use the ingredients that you have found to make a variety of potions.

Potions can benefit your in-game play in many ways. Different potions include Healing Potions to restore your health and Exstimulo Potions to increase your spell power in battles. There are other kinds of potions as well such as the Baruffio’s Brain Elixer where it helps to increase your experience when you battle.

Other than the inns and greenhouses, the largest buildings that you will see in game will be the Fortresses. They have different wizarding challenges to offer and it can be played solo or in a group. But of course, it is advised to work with other players to easily conquer the Fortress.

Entering a Fortress costs a number of Runestones (depending on the difficulty). Once inside, players will face increasingly difficult enemy encounters in different rooms. Working in a team with varied skills can aid to defeat the enemies faster.

Clearing a Fortress will net you Foundables; these rewards are more uncommon than you’d find elsewhere, hence making it worth challenging a Fortress.

Spell Casting In Wizards Unite

Instead of spinning Poke Balls with your fingers like Pokemon GO, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite requires you to trace a glyph with your magic wand (fingers really) to cast a spell to defeat a Confoundable that is guarding the Foundable.

You’ll need to trace the line with your finger before the timer runs out. Defeating the Confoundable will let you “return” the Foundable.

As there’s limited time to finish the trace, the pressure is real. And it goes down faster the more powerful the Confoundable is which can be seen from the Threat Level.

Being fast and precise will increase the chance of getting a Masterful Cast. It looks like speed counts a little more than accuracy so focus on your timing and it gives you a better chance than being slowly precise.

Getting a Masterful Cast gives you more experience for your level although it is really difficult. I have tried it and maybe it’s just me but I have only managed it once. One pathetic time.

Straight Line Tracing Trick

So I’ve been exploring ways to make casting easier before I end up deleting the game out of frustration. After researching, I’ve found an easier technique for tracing that could aid in getting a Masterful Cast. But it only works for spells that have straight lines, unfortunately.

Tap and hold the starting point before quickly tapping and holding the end of that line will cause the line to trace immediately to where your second tap is. If you’re really quick, one finger is enough, but it is easier using two hands instead so the other finger can be ready at the next point and improve your speed.

  1. Tap and hold Glyph starting point
  2. Tap and hold first point
  3. Release the starting point
  4. Tap and hold the second corner
  5. Release the first corner
  6. Repeat

Continue this until you have traced all the lines, and the straight parts of the Glyphs will be traced out in no time with a high chance of getting a “Masterful Cast”. Remember, speed and accuracy both play a part but its all for nought if you run out of time. Practice makes perfect.

Levelling Up

One thing that makes Wizards Unite relatively easier as compared to Pokemon GO is that your magic gets more powerful (dealing more spell damage) when you level up. Thus, attacking Confoundables are made easier when you’re high levelled.

Upon reaching level six, there are three professions to choose from –Auror, Magizoologist and Professor. Each profession has its own pros and cons. Ultimately, I decided to go with Auror because that’s what the great Harry Potter himself is. But really, all professions has its own benefits so it’s entirely up to you.

Aurors are basically an offence-driven profession which does tons of damage. Magizoologists are tanks or supports where they are essential for a good team to fight in the fortresses although they do not do as much damage. Professors are a combination of the two and they are a balanced damage/support class.

Each of these professions has its own unique skill tree, but fret not, you can change your profession and skill progress anytime as well.

Despite having not watched Harry Potter at all, yes judge me if you want to, I would really want to start indulging myself in Harry Potter soon. The game gets more fun after some time and I am probably hooked onto it right now. A Singapore map for Wizards Unite has not been made yet, but we’ll add that in if it does.

Need some Friend Codes to play in your district? Here are some Singapore Facebook groups to join: Harry Potter: Wizards Unite SINGAPORE | Singapore Wizards Unite!


Harry Potter: Wizards Unite | Website | Google Play Download | Apple Download

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