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HARRY: World’s First Cafe To Cuddle & Adopt Hedgehogs In Japan

It’s hard to disagree that people in Japan are geniuses at finding ways to relief emotional and mental distress. The term, “iyasareru”, describes the act of being comforted by someone or something.

While it may seem as if we have seen it all, from cat cafes to dog cafes and even owl cafes, we are wrong. Joining the endearing onslaught of animal-themed cafes is the world’s first hedgehog cafe – HARRY.

HARRY houses more than 30 different (kawaii too) hedgehogs, visitors can pay 1000 yen (approximately S$13) to befriend and caress the adorable prickly creatures. For those who find it hard to part with the cute rodents, the cafe also offers the hedgehogs up for adoption.

Because of the massive popularity of the hedgehog cafe, visitors are advised to call and book in advance,but that shouldn’t be the reason that denies you a visit to the cafe.

After all, nobody should say no to having some personal time with these cute animals. Nobody.

HARRY: Tokyo, Minato-ku, Roppongi 6-7-2 IWAHORI Building 2F | Opening Hours: 12 PM – 9 PM | Website | Bookings

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