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Singaporean Surfer Girl Beckie Wants You To Join The Haikini Seasterhood

No, it’s not some kind of sorority. But if it was one, I’d definitely join. Meet Beckie, the founder of local bikini brand Haikini (海 – the Chinese character for ‘sea’).

With Bikini Top and Bottom sets going for just S$62 – S$68 per set, Haikini is the first local brand to offer comfortable and sustainably-made surf bikinis at affordable prices.


Any girl who has worn bikinis would know that most bikinis have issues staying up in the right places (girls, you know what I mean), which is why Beckie started Haikini in 2017 – to create comfortable and affordable bikinis suitable for surfing and everyday wear.

Credit – Haikini

Even if you’re not all about that surfer life, Haikini’s still got you covered.

Most bikinis tend to diminish what little girls with smaller bust sizes have, and those bikinis promising a good ‘boost’ can be extremely uncomfortable with the extra padding and wiring, which is where Haikini comes in.

Girls, the Haikini is one bikini that you can walk with confidence in! 😉

Credit – Haikini

Designed to be fully adjustable, Haikini is ideal for small-chested girls and girls who fall in between sizes. If you’re busty but petite, for example, you could go for size M but still adjust the straps to fit around your chest comfortably.

All Haikinis also come in a matching pouch, which is made from leftover materials from the bikini production. Pretty convenient for stashing your beach staples like sunnies!

Starting Haikini

Credit – Haikini

When asked why bikinis, Beckie answered that her business has to be a representation of herself, so venturing into bikini production was only natural to her. Although she is currently juggling between school, an internship, and Haikini, Beckie states that it’s not exactly taxing.

She feels that if something is significant enough to you, you’ll automatically put in the effort to make it work, be it personal relationships, school, or work.

Credit – Haikini

The 23-year-old also admits that she’s lucky to have the support of her family. “I am trying to grow the business while in school so that I can sustain myself,” she says. “The main path after graduation is to find a stable job. But I can’t see myself settling down in an office environment.”

“Work has to excite me,” she added. “I’ve been fortunate to find friends who really like surfing, so I thought you know what, let me try to create this community so that other people can enjoy as well.”

The Haikini Seasterhood

Credit – Haikini

Through Haikini, Beckie wishes to spread her love for surfing with more girls locally. If she’s going on a surf trip, she’d ask if anyone would be interested in joining her on the Seasterhood Facebook group that she has created, and vice versa.

Or, if anyone has questions, they could just ask, and the girls in the group would help answer questions where possible, like places to rent surfboards, or about cheap and safe accommodation.

“It’s about creating a community, and not just selling a brand.”

Credit- Haikini

This is also reflected through the way Beckie interacts with her customers. “Haikini is a young brand so there’s still a lot of room for improvement, and anytime someone tells me this can be improved, I’ll try my best to work on it.”

Through her efforts to connect with her customers, Haikini becomes more ‘personalised’ compared to other brands in the market.

Credit – Haikini

The Seasterhood is a community for girls who love surfing or are interested in surfing to come together to travel and have fun safely. “We literally just surf, eat, sleep, and repeat,” she laughs.

Although her bikinis are designed to hold up well against the rough waves, Beckie still recommends that beginners wear rash guards when they first start out, then gradually switch to bikinis when they feel more confident.

For girls who wish to do more than the usual shopping and chilling in Bali but lack similar-minded girlfriends, joining a surfing trip with the Haikini Seasterhood would be a great way to start surfing and make new friends!

Prices: S$62 – S$68 per set

Haikini: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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