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Gundam & Zaku Sneakers Now Available On Tmall – Celebrating 40 years Of Gundam

Gundam is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year and in commemoration, our favourite Japanese robot is collaborating with Chinese footwear brand 361° to bring you some new kicks this June 2019.

The basketball shoes will feature designs from two different factions: Hero-based Gundam or the villainous Zaku.

All shoe models will be available on 361°’s flagship store on Tmall. For your convenience, we’ve included the links to each individual shoe version at the bottom of this page.

Gundam-themed RX-78-2 & Beyond

There will be two iterations of the shoes which were modelled after the titular RX-78-2 Gundam in either low-cut casual shoes (RX-78-2) or high-cut shock absorption basketball shoes (RX-78-2 Beyond).

Credit – 361° Tmall Store

The RX-78-2 pays homage and closely resembles the face of a traditional Gundam. The retro runner features white mesh and blockish white and blue elements as well as yellow cutouts that look like the eyes of the mecha.

Credit – 361° Tmall Store

The RX-78-2 also comes in a dark blue variation known as ‘Beyond’. These shoes will retail for RMB499 (approximately S$98).

Credit – 361° Tmall Store

Although a completely different look, the RX-78-2 is also featured as high-cut basketball shoes and will retail for RMB469 or about S$92.

Zaku-themed MS-06S

Credit – 361° Tmall Store

Credit – 361° Tmall Store

Credit – 361° Tmall Store

For those of you rooting for the Zaku mobile suits line up, we’ve got you covered as well. The MS-06S Zaku II casual shoes come in three different colourways- black/navy, red/purple, and grey/olive. They retail for RMB439 per pair (approximately S$86).

Credit – 361° Tmall Store

Credit – 361° Tmall Store

Each Zaku colour option comes with a basketball shoe variation as well. Like the RX-78-2 version, these high cut shoes retail for RMB469.

Going out or playing basketball will never be the same, now that you can represent your mobile suit faction loyalties clearly.

Price: RMB439 (Zaku II), RMB469 ( RX-78-2 Basketball Shoes), RMB499 (RX-78-2 Casual Runners)

Gundam X 361°: RX-78-2 Casual Shoes | Zaku MS-06S Casual Shoes | Basketball Shoes(both RX78-2 and Zaku)

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