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Gudak: This App Turns Your iPhone Into A ‘Kodak-Esque’ Disposable Film Camera From The 90s

“Come back after three days to collect your photos”, a line widely used back in the day, when we shot our photos in film and watched our films on VHS.

The Gudak App is a charming piece of software that lets you relive your yesteryears by turning your iPhone into an analog camera.

Developed by Korean startup Screw Bar, Gudak gives you a roll of twenty-four photos to take through a tiny viewfinder, modelled after a disposable Kodak camera.

Taken With Gudak App

When you’re done snapping away, you’ll put it through a processing lab where you’ll get your film developed after three days.

Taken With Gudak App

You’ll have to wait for another twelve hours before you can start on a new roll. If you’re impatient, there are ways to go about it but what’s the fun in that.

Designed with respect to the famed line — “Moments to be remembered for a long time” by Eastman Kodak, Screwbar has purposely designed the App to limit features we’ve become a bit too accustomed to on our smartphone and DSLR.

Taken With Gudak App

Gudak limits user control and forces users to cherish each shot instead of shooting carelessly only to go through thousands of photos in the form of pixels and data after.

Taken With Gudak App

The App is only about two months old and it’s already made updates without removing too much of the old school charm and novelty. Just like film cameras of old, I’d be happy to work with the limited functions that are given.

Taken With Gudak App

You can purchase Gudak now on the Apple App Store for S$1.48. Sorry Android users, I’m sure they’ll release a version for you guys soon.

Price: S$1.48

Gudak App: Download now via the Apple Store | Facebook

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