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| On 2 years ago

The Guardians: Explore A Different Side Of Sentosa With This Islandwide Escape Room Game Till 2 July ’17

I’ve always enjoyed a good escape room kinda game, be it online, or in an actual room. The Guardians: An Unravelling Adventure takes that up a notch and doesn’t necessarily lock you up in a room, but gives you the chance to roam Sentosa instead.

I’m talking cable car-riding while adopting the same puzzle-solving game mechanics you’re used to in a traditional escape room. Sign up soon though, as the game will only be available from 12 June to 2 July 2017.

The Guardians game is a collaboration between The Escape Artist, Singapore’s pioneer escape room company, and One Faber Group, which operates the Sentosa line of the Singapore Cable Cars.

In this game, a group of four to six players are synced online using a link that you have to key into your browser. You’ll then be led to an online portal in which your clues, riddles, and hints are disseminated in the form of a story.

To solve the puzzles, you need to head to various locations around Sentosa, using the cable cars as a mode of transportation several times.

The story of this game features a Celestial being called Cassius, who you are supposed to rescue before time runs out. You start with only one hour on the clock, but gain an additional ten minutes with each puzzle that you solve.

The time limit may sound stressful, but the game developers wanted this game to be a fun process where the players do not need to constantly worry about failing.

As such, even though there is a timer, there is no real penalty if you do not complete the game in the given time and can continue playing till closing time at 7pm. However, if you want a challenge, you can feel free to compete with your friends and compare timings.

What I really liked about playing The Guardians is that it “forces” you to explore the lesser known parts of Sentosa.

From bird’s eye views of Universal Studios Singapore and Adventure Cove, to more secluded beaches and towers with glass floors, I found myself appreciating Sentosa in a way that I haven’t before.

There’s a fine line between such games being too easy or too hard to solve. Most games fall into the latter category for the mass public, but The Guardians was satisfactorily difficult enough to pose a good challenge.

It started out incredibly tough with a steep learning curve, but after the first puzzle, everything got a lot easier as we familarised ourselves with the style of puzzles.

Expect subtly-worded hints within riddles that will point you in the right direction, logic puzzles, and puzzles that require you to find certain objects in real life before proceeding to the next level.

You will also find that having a team to help you is useful, as a little teamwork or splitting up to search for clues really expedites the process.

There isn’t much hand-holding in the game, but simple hints are provided if you’re stuck for more than five minutes, and a helpline is also given should you need a bigger hint. I think this arrangement is a good one, as it allows for veteran escape room players to face a real challenge, and beginners to have a helping hand whenever needed.

If you wanna try The Guardians escape game for yourself, you should hurry as it will be available for a limited time only. Make your next trip to Sentosa adventurous on a whole other level!

Dates & Time: 12 June – 2 July 2017, 11am – 5pm

Prices: $35/pax (group of 4), $30/pax (group of 5), $26.70/pax (group of 6); $100/group (Faber Licence Members & Sentosa Island Partners)

The Guardians – An Unravelling Adventure: Tickets | Website

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