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| On 2 years ago

Green Is The New Black Singapore: All-Green, Sustainable Initiative Event That’ll Make Captain Planet Proud

Hippies, hipsters and all who are hip rejoice! Because, Green Is The New Black (GITNB) is upon us. Get those flowers out of your hair. Wait, were they picked in a sustainable manner?

If your mind is in a bit of a tailspin of confusion after reading the previous paragraph, read on to snap it back into working order. Green Is The New Black is a conscious festival, that aims to get people thinking about sustainable living and supporting the businesses and brands that are already leading the way.

Browse Green Is The New Black’s Mindful Marketplace.

To sum it up, it’s about understanding and knowing the who, what, when, where and how of what you’ve paid for as a consumer — in short being conscious about the things you purchase.

GITNB will be held on the 22nd of October at Hotel Jen Tanglin, and while talks and workshops require you to purchase tickets, entry is free for the rest of the festival that includes a market with 70 vendors selling consciously produced clothing, perfumes, food and more.

Here are some of our very own local artisans paving the way for sustainable lifestyles that will be setting up retail shop at Green Is The New Black.

It Takes Balls

It Takes Balls – takes balls of yarn, denim and other fabrics, transforming them into sustainable fashionable accessories like bags, bracelets and other items to adorn yourself without the guilt of sweatshops. Taking it a step or two further, all pieces are lovingly knitted by hand.

DIY kits are also available for those who want to take it that second step further, and if you get hooked, sign up for their workshops and get into the tightly knit community of knitting, pun intended.

It Takes Balls | Facebook | Website


MATTER has been around for a while now preaching and leading the way for ethical fashion. By getting their products made by textile artisans instead of being produced in factories en masse, opportunities for these artisans’ culture and craft to be passed on are created.

Block printing matters.

Purveyors of pants that are both comfortable and stylish, created from fabrics, prints and designs that draw on Asian culture for inspiration, you’ll definitely want to keep an eye out for MATTER.

MATTER | Facebook | Website

Kitchen By Food Rebel

With people becoming increasingly conscious about the food they eat — healthy food trends, dishes and superfood ingredients have been the buzz in town and around the world. Said people have also been taking “healthy” eating a tad bit far with “healthier options, but, life’s too short to eat tasteless food.

Forget boiled chicken breasts, get a chicken burger.

With many locals upset about WWF’s recent report about our favourite fishes (to eat), here’s some sustainable Barrumundi to get us thinking ahead when it comes to our meals.

Kitchen By Food Rebel, puts the flavour back in food that’s good for you because, eating plain chicken breast has got to be a sure fire way to not only destroy taste buds but, suck the joy out of life. Keep your eyes peeled for Kitchen By Food Rebel, nose on the alert for the aromas and your stomach ready to be filled.

Kitchen By Food Rebel | Facebook | Website

Live Music

No, your hottest EDM tracks won’t be belted out at GITNB, no heavy bass thumping till your insides reverberate in sync to the beat.

Instead be swooned by local acts Marcus Makes Music and The Pudgy Busker, then head up to the free pool party at the end of the day with complimentary drinks and all. We’d love to elaborate but, feel that if the pool party doesn’t cut it, then you just don’t have it in you to help one Captain Planet.

Dates & Time: 22 October 2016, Marketplace: 12pm – 5:30pm ; Pool Party: 5:30pm – 8:30pm

Price: Free

Green Is The New Black 2016: Hotel Jen Tanglin, 1A Cuscaden Rd  Singapore 249716 | Website

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