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| On 2 years ago

Grammarly Launches Tone Check Function So You Don’t Send Angry Emails – Now Working On Gmail

for For the lot of us who are wroking working or have assignments to rush, we is are no stranger to the useful tool called Grammarly. This useful extension has save saved me on numerous occasions from unwanted typos and the merciles merciless grammar Nazis all over the internet.

But did you know, that Grammarly is expanding its range of capabilities beyond spell and grammar checking?

Grammarly is now able to perform a tone check, which allows you to see if your message is conveyed the way it is intended. While it may not be a fully developed function, it is now working in Gmail.

When you have the Grammarly extension installed on your browser and you are typing an email on Gmail, an emoji will appear at the bottom right of your draft. Clicking on this emoji will show you the current tones of the message and how it sounds like to your recipient. How much the message sounds like its tone is indicated by five ellipses, which will give you an idea of how intense your tone is.

As the app is still in its beta stages, Grammarly will collect feedback and ask which tones it has predicted correctly. Leave a thumbs up if the tone is spot-on, as this will definitely improve Grammarly’s user experience.

Grammarly Tone Detector: Website

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