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| On 1 year ago

Reebok Releases Gudetama & Hello Kitty Instapump Fury OG Sneaker For 25th Anniversary

Credit – Reebok Japan

For those who are fans of exclusive sneaker releases, you will be excited for this piece of good news. Reebok has collaborated with Sanrio to create all-new designs for their Instapump Fury OG which are inspired by the iconic characters Gudetama and Hello Kitty.

Credit – Reebok

The Gudetama X Instapump Fury OG sneaker is splashed in yellow and white, themed after colours of the eggy character.

Credit – Reebok Japan

Black details are imposed on the tabs and the back while zigzag lines are illustrated on the heels to present an eggshell design and also Gudetama’s sleepy face.

Credit – Reebok Japan

Gudetama’s permanently drowsy face is also shown on the button pump which helps to adjust the fit of the sneakers and it gives the kicks a creative flair alongside the vibrant colours.

Credit – Reebok

For the Hello KittyX Instapump Fury OG sneaker, Hello Kitty is detailed throughout the laceless kicks and it has a white, mixed-material upper with the iconic red bow across the midfoot.

Credit – Reebok Japan

The black pump button also features Hello Kitty’s face which appears on the tongue.

Credit – Reebok

The heel area above the black diagonal stripes are completed with Hello Kitty’s face and the brand on its tabs.

Reebok has certainly stepped up their collaboration game with arguably one of the biggest character brands in Japan— Sanrio. The iconic characters-themed shoes will be released to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Insta Pump Fury OG and have been released in Japan, although a global date has yet to be announced.

Price: 21,600 yen (S$276)

Reebok: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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