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Taking Bear Hugs To New Heights With This Life-Sized Rilakkuma Available In Japan

Large plush toys aren’t uncommon. Remember the giant Snorlax?

Well, if you’re one for large, bear hugs, here’s how you can get a literal giant bear hug.

With Netflix’s release of the show “Rilakkuma and Kaoru” comes the life-sized Rilakkuma soft toy bear.

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The bear is 165 cm tall, 105 cm wide and weighs a whopping 8.8 kg. It’s literally a short-adult with a primary school child’s weight.

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Rilakkuma has been featured in food and even home goods, but they’re nowhere near as special as having a life-sized Rilakkuma companion to end your day with.

This giant bear will be sold in Japan till August 18th 2019 and the earliest scheduled delivery is in early November 2019.

Its monster-size will result in a monster hole in your pocket. It costs JPY 66,343 (approximately S$864).


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We don’t all have that sort of money to drop, so maybe we can settle for one of the smaller Rilakkuma’s available.

The smaller Rilakkuma (approximately S$267) and Korilakkuma (white Rilakkuma approximately S$230), stands at 100cm tall and is 66cm wide whilst the cosplaying monkey Rilakkuma is 87cm tall, 65cm wide and retails for approximately S$240.

I guess you’re in for un-bearliveably good company if you decide to splurge on these giant plushies.

Rilakkuma: Website

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