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S.E.A Aquarium Sentosa: Get Up Close And Maybe Even Married In The Deep-Blue

After my stint at Adventure Cove, how could I pass up an opportunity to be surrounded by the deep-blue?

Sentosa’s SEA Aquarium brings back memories of my Humanities Camp days, sleeping inside one of the tunnels and drifting off to sleep surrounded by fish.

The aquarium itself spans over 20-acres and has 49 different habitats (10 different sections), showcasing marine life from the Straits of Java to the South China Sea.

The best way to start off your visit to the aquarium is by walking through the revamped Maritime Experiential Museum

Credit – Tripoto

Understand the maritime silk route better by getting close to the various trading ships of the era. The exhibitions in the museum have become more hands-on and interactive, allowing visitors to grasp the life of a sailor back in the day.

The one experience you have to try in the Maritime Museum is the typhoon theatre (S$3 add on to the museum entry fee).

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Join the quest of early sailors and sail through storms before getting shipwrecked in this 5-D experience. I can’t say any more for fear of spoiling the experience, so you’ll just have to… S.E.A what happens.

Take A Walk Under The “Sea”

After taking a page out of your history books, venture through the S.E.A Aquarium tunnels and pretend you’re walking on the seafloor.

Watch stray angelfish and sun-bathing sharks inches away from your nose. This has always been an absolute dream of mine – to get up as close to sharks as possible and watch them go about their day swimmingly.

You’re greeted by massive tanks at every corner and up every slope. By leaving your nose-prints against the glass, you get to watch how different species of fish are able to live together.

There’re also different sections within the S.E.A Aquarium showcasing how the 50 diverse habitats breed particular groups of sea creatures.

Admire The Myriad Of Colours

With towering tanks everywhere, there’s bound to be an abundance of coral rainbows. Not only will these add a burst of colour to your ‘gram, but it’s also a perfect backdrop for the sea-life floating around.

Don’t forget to search for Nemo and Dory amongst the corals while you’re snapping all the photos!

Have Wedding And Sleepover Envy

Welcome to the Ocean Gallery, hands down my favourite part of the entire aquarium. This gargantuan tank makes you feel even more like a fish out of water.

It’s connected to Resorts World Sentosa’s Ocean Suites; can we please say staycation goals? It’s a perfect venue for weddings, large-scale meetings and conferences.

On top of that, you can camp overnight in a tent in the Ocean Gallery (approximately S$158 for adults, S$138 for children) and drift off to sleep just watching the fish float by like a giant diorama. I wanted to stand there and stare at fish forever.

Might have to sell my behind and all my organs, but it’ll be worth it if I have this as a wedding venue…

Enter A Sense Of Calm With The Floating Jellies

These beautiful jellyfish are definitely one of the most popular exhibits in the aquarium. I can vouch since I had to crouch and avoid getting elbowed in the face by a child…

I still can’t accept how these gentle, floating clouds can easily harm anyone with their touch.

Although these are extremely pretty, and I’m tempted to bounce their tops just like Marlin did in Finding Nemo, I’ll just stick to viewing them from behind the glass.

Be Lucky Enough To Spot The Dolphins

Walking further on, you’ll see a blank window with some large rocks. If you’re patient enough, you’ll be able to catch a pod of dolphins swimming around.

Apparently, if they swim upside down, they’re pretty content with life. Stop by this window just before you exit, and play spot the dolphin!

You’ll end your visit right where you began (after the Maritime Museum 5D experience). Take in the glory of the shipwreck right in front of you.

The visit to the S.E.A aquarium is a literal walk in the underwater park. You get to slide into nooks and crannies like the Ocean Dome, sit by the giant windows and spot stingrays float around you, or watch elephant fish swim in a circle in a dark tank.

The possibilities are endless.

Fair warning, you might get hungry after walking about for a while and start thinking of steamed grouper, takoyaki and giant chilli crab.

As they said, all you need is a good dose of vitamin sea (and a good seafood lunch).

Ticket Prices: One Day Ticket (S$40, Adult ages 13 to 59, S$29, Child ages 4 to 12 and Seniors above 60) Annual Pass (S$88, Adult, S$68 for Children and Seniors) Other ticket options available on Resorts World Sentosa

S.E.A Aquarium: Resorts World Sentosa, 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098269 (Located in the Maritime Experiential Museum) | Website | Online Enquiry

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