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Exclusive GE2020-Inspired Zoom Meeting Backgrounds Only Singaporeans Will Understand

Are Zoom meetings still a reality for you? It might be the cooling-off day but as we linger in this pensive electoral mood, check out these five timely Zoom backgrounds we can all use to spice up our virtual meetings.

During the start of the meeting, you can use this background.

Credit – Yeolo

If the discussion is turning serious, this would be an extremely suitable backdrop to help convey your salient point across.

Credit – Yeolo

If you are a participant and prefer to play the role of an active listener, this screen will best express your desire for silence.

Credit – Yeolo

Admit it, we all have this friend who can never stop sharing. Perhaps using this background can help you to gain social consensus and a “mandate” to end the call “as soon as possible”.

Credit – Yeolo

Last but not least, it’s 9 July 2020, a cooling off day; and also a day set aside “to give voters time to think rationally and reflect on the issues that were raised during the campaigning period”. Let’s respect this precious time and space that comes once every 4 to 5 years and what a better time to use this than today.

Credit – Yeolo

These interesting virtual backgrounds are created by homegrown comedian and artist, Yeo Tze Hern. Check out his site and social media account for more of such light-hearted parodies.

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