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GE2020: 6 Creative Campaigning by Singapore Parties in a Pandemic Election

E-rallies, live telecast of public debates, and small team walkabouts—this is the reality of GE2020. With stricter campaigning rules, our local politicians are starting to think outside of the box when it comes to campaigning and winning the hearts of their voters.

Over the past week, this is what we’ve gathered on social media—a concerted effort to showcase their talent, exhibit their camaraderie, and profess love for the people and party. While we patiently and excitedly await polling day on 10 July, why not do an easy poll for now? Which of the ideas below do you live for?

1. Baey on Bike

Tampines voters, listen up. Mr Baey and his team has been seen scooting the grounds on their bikes. Trailing behind them are “fleets” of white helium balloons, which are distributed to children and residents—spreading balloons, smiles, and campaign promises

2. Running in “Style”

Another politician, Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, uploaded a video on his social media accounts which documents him running from door-to-door along HDB corridors with the aim of meeting as many residents as possible. Perhaps this is what running for elections really means.

3. Sylvia Sings

In Parliament, during serious legislature debate, we often see our politicians in a phlegmatic mode (not through any fault of their own, of course). Watch this short 4-minute video and see how Miss Sylvia Lim let her hair down and sings a portion of a Hokkien tune from the song “Ai Piah Jia Eh Yia”, which means putting in hard work to win.

4. Making a statement in the hair

One of the Workers’ Party’s volunteer is spotted at Fengshan Market food centre with the letter “WP” “engraved” at the back of his head. Indeed, bring his love and support for the party’s campaign to the next new level.

Credit – Mothership

5. The Artistic Team

In the short video titled “Make Sembawang Special”, Mr Ong Ye Kung and his team of the Sembawang GRC took out their pen and paper to sketch and colour their “favourite scenes” within the constituency. The iconic spots include Admiralty Park, Canberra MRT station, Jelutung harbour park, and many others.

6. Free Gifts

As a typical Singaporean, I love free gifts. Meanwhile, Christmas came early for the residents of Aljunied GRC.

Free Fried Chicken

Credit – MS News

In Mr Shamsul’s clarification, he mentioned that the offer is subject to the following:

  • For “lower-income, Malay-Muslim families”
  • Food distribution event has been postponed until after GE2020

Free Bird’s Nest

Credit – The Straits Times

In the same media address, he explained that:

  • For families under the Kaki Bukit social assistance programmes
  • Bird’s nest are donated by grassroots leaders

Both gifts, we’ve recently learned, have got nothing to do with campaigning for GE2020. Because that would run afoul of the law, for sure.

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