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| On 2 years ago

G.G. Fresh Flowers: Create Affordable Bouquets With Flowers From This Wholesaler In Paya Lebar

Tucked away in an industrial building in Paya Lebar, G.G. Fresh Flowers is somewhat of a hidden gem for flower lovers. Not only is there a dizzying array of blooms available, both fresh and dried, they’re also well-stocked with various tools of the trade.

Best of all, the prices are lower than that of the typical florists you’ll find in malls.

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I decided to challenge myself to create three kinds of bouquets with supplies solely purchased from G.G. Fresh Flowers. Each individual bouquet came up to less than S$20!

The shop is located a good 10-to-15-minute walk away from Paya Lebar MRT and might be hard to spot since it’s tucked away at the first level of an industrial-looking building. Keep your eyes peeled!

Fresh Flowers

For those hunting for fresh blooms, head to the cold room where you’ll find an incredible assortment of flowers.

For instance, the more exotic varieties include peonies, ranunculus, proteas, dusty millers, eucalyptus and eryngiums.

Common options like roses, baby’s breath, eustomas and gerbera daisies are also available and they’re way cheaper that if you were to buy them from retail stores elsewhere! For instance, I once bought enough eustomas to fill two vases for only S$18.

Hydrangeas imported from China cost between S$6 – S$7 while those imported from Holland are priced upwards of S$10.

But here’s the caveat — since G.G. Fresh Flowers is a wholesaler, you’ll have to buy these blooms in bulk. If you don’t need so many flowers, perhaps shop with a friend and split the flowers afterwards?

A peculiarity of this wholesaler is that there are no prices labelled for most of the flowers. Instead, you’ll have to enquire with the staff and the prices are thus subject to their discretion.

Perhaps it’s because they supply for different florists at different rates? Sadly this means that if you’re alone, odds are that you’ll be quoted a higher price. Rally a flower-shopping team!

Dried Blooms

For those looking for dried flowers, just exit the cold room and head for the area by the cashier. Some of the dried flowers come pre-arranged and wrapped in colour co-ordinated bouquets which would be great options if you aren’t into DIY.

For those who prefer playing around with different varieties, you’ll be able to pick up stalks of cotton or lavender as well as dried hydrangeas and wheat. There are other really interesting varieties too, many of which I wasn’t able to identify.

Miscellaneous Add-Ons

I know you’re probably excited to head back with your flowers but wait, don’t just leave! Take the stairs right beside the cashier to the second level and explore the area to pick up some miscellaneous tools of the trade.

For instance, you can pick up some wrapping papers.

There were so many different textures and colours to choose from that I spent a good 10 minutes debating my options.

For beginners, it might be easier to opt for the plain wrapping papers but if you’re feeling adventurous, there are interesting options like burlap, holographic paper or brown vintage newspaper. These are slightly pricier though.

My favourite was this two-sided wrapping paper where each side of the paper is a different complementary colour. But since I’m a complete novice, I’ll save these for a future purchase, when I’m slightly more skilled.

In addition, G.G. Fresh Flowers also carries twine and ribbons for you to complete your bouquets. Vases are available in different sizes and shapes, with the basic ones ranging from S$6 – S$15.

Here are my picks — Black Basic Wrapping Paper (S$7), Yellow Mixed Flowers (S$22) and Lavender (S$18). I gravitated to dried flowers because of their longevity and because I was aiming for a rustic look.

Rustic-style bouquets are really charming and they’re more forgiving since the “wild look” makes mistakes less glaring.

Crafting The Bouquets

To start off, I took apart the Yellow Mixed Flowers and separated them into the different varieties. This way it’ll be easier to mix and match them into different bouquets.

You don’t need a lot of fancy tools; just some tape, rubber bands and scissors. I used twine (S$2) to hold the flowers together but a ribbon would work too! Also, you might want to get a broom ready because it’s going to get really messy.

After separating the flowers into three different bunches, I arranged them roughly and then secured them with a ribbon. For the bunch on the left, you’ll notice that I left it untied. This is because I planned on placing these flowers into a vase and hence, I’ll just arrange them as I add them in one at a time.

For the second bouquet, I used a long string of twine to create a little tied bouquet. The kind of look I was going for is a simple, no-frills arrangement and the twine keeps it looking effortless and wild.

The last bouquet was the trickiest as I intended to wrap it with the wrapping paper. Hence, I taped the flowers tightly together so they’d retain their shape and arrangement.

Relying on a faint recollection of Windflower Florist’s Dried Bouquet Workshop and some help from a YouTube tutorial, I managed to get by. I know the end result looks a little bare but it was my first attempt since that workshop so please go easy on me!

My biggest regret in this endeavour was opting for the S$7 wrapping paper. It brought on so much frustration because of how easily it tore. It’s less flexible than the other options so unless you’re extremely careful when shaping and taping it, it’ll tear. If you’re a complete novice like me, please opt for the S$10 or S$12 options instead!

The Big Reveal

Et voila! Here are three renditions of bouquets you can DIY to surprise your mum this Mother’s Day! Each individual bouquet ended up costing less than S$20 and if you’re not intending to create three at one go, just save the rest of the flowers for a future project or as a future gift to someone else! (#lifehack)

Go forth and have fun experimenting with different colour schemes and styles! There are seriously a lot of options to choose from at G.G. Fresh Flowers so unleash your creativity. No matter what, the recipient will surely be touched to receive a handmade bouquet.

Price: Starts from S$6 for flowers

G.G. Fresh Flowers: #01-15/21, Primax, 22 New Industrial Rd, Singapore 536208 | Website | Facebook

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