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10 Fun Fitness Classes In Singapore For Those Who HATE The Gym

I always think, “Is it even possible to have fun during a workout? Is it possible to actually enjoy exercising?” To find out if exercising doesn’t always have to equal suffering, I signed up for six out of the 10 workout classes in this list.

I don’t know about you, but whenever I’ve tried going to the gym, I’ve just felt anxious being surrounded by muscular, physically fit people who know what they were doing.

Credit –

Meanwhile, I’m there just trying to figure out how to use the gym machines without drawing too much attention to myself. And I hate running. Absolutely hate it.

Before continuing with this article, please keep in mind that when it comes to me, stamina and endurance are basically non-existent. My body does not comprehend any of those words.

1. Neon Rhythm Cycling Spin Class

I’ve been wanting to try out a spin class for quite a while now and found Absolute You Singapore which offers a rhythm cycling experience based on the New York rhythm cycling phenomenon where riders move to the beat. It’s like clubbing on a bike!

While traditional spin classes are focused on the individual, Absolute Cycle by Absolute You Singapore creates an environment where riders ride together as a group.

Absolute You has two studios, one at OUE Downtown Gallery and the other at Peranakan Place. I went with my best friend Dee and we really didn’t know what to expect for our first spin class.

Credit – Absolute You Singapore

The room was dark and lit up only by neon lights. So don’t worry, in spin classes, no one can see you looking like a hot mess. The first 10 minutes were tough. Our instructor Tiffany was super energetic and constantly motivated us by saying things like, “You’ve come this far, don’t give up!” or “You got this!”.

The use of the neon light effects and the upbeat music really helped to get my mind off the fact that I was even exercising. We definitely didn’t think we’d be leaving class dripping in sweat so thank goodness for their shower facilities (which included shampoo, soap, deodorant and lotion).

Depending on the intensity of the class, on average, riders can burn 500 to 800+ calories in the 45-minute class. The next day, I didn’t feel any soreness in my thighs, which was surprising. However, my butt did hurt a little from sitting on the bicycle seat.

After my first spin class, I felt surprisingly great despite being friggin exhausted. Look at this picture of us before and after class. I’m actually smiling!? Find out more about class fees here.

Opening hours: (Monday to Friday) 7am – 10pm, (Saturday & Sunday) 9am – 4pm

Absolute You Singapore: #02-01 6A Shenton Way, OUE Downtown Gallery, Singapore 068815 | Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Tel: +65 6220 2688

2. Pilates Reformer Class

Another fitness class I tried out was Absolute You’s pilates reformer class. Absolute You Singapore’s Peranakan Place studio has spin classes and pilates reformer classes (the studio at Downtown Gallery only specialises in spin classes)The Pilates Reformer class focuses on building flexibility, endurance and strength, without adding bulk.

The first 15 minutes were dedicated to teaching first-timers how to operate the exercise machines safely. The springs on the machine are there to add resistance. We lay on the sliding platform (the greyboard) without feet on the foot bar (black bar). By pulling on the straps, the sliding platform will move. Sitting on this moving platform kind of made this exercise feel more like play than work.

The reformer machines can be adjusted to fit each person’s body. As this is a low-impact workout, this class is safe for people with old injuries.

Unlike other Pilates classes, Absolute You Singapore has 20 reformer beds whereas other studios only have six to 10. Compared to the other fitness classes, this one was the most challenging for me.

Since the Pilates Reformer is a resistance and strength training exercise, you won’t burn as many calories as a cardio workout. If you’re looking to strengthen and tone your body, this would be a great way to start! Find out more about their class fees here.

Opening hours: (Monday to Friday) 7am – 9.30pm, (Saturday & Sunday) 8.30am – 5pm

Absolute You Singapore: 2nd Floor, 178A Orchard Road, Peranakan Place, Singapore 238845 | Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Tel: +65 6732 1522

3. Trampoline Jumping Fitness Class

When I came across jumping classes, I was pretty intrigued. I mean, can you actually lose weight just by jumping on a trampoline for an hour straight? There was only one way to find out. Offering such a class is Prestique Studio, located at Clarke Quay Central.

The instructor and founder of Prestique Studio, Joraine Tan, started off by teaching us the basic movements and how to jump on the trampolines properly so that we would be safe at all times. After the 15-minute intro and some stretching, it was time for the jumping part.

The first five minutes of that was a breeze – I was jumping to the beat of the RnB music and having a good time.

…This didn’t last very long.

The following 15 minutes were so hard for me and my heart was on FIRE. I’m not fit at all so I’m really not surprised that my poor heart was suffering. However, the rest of the class went by a lot better and I had a lot of fun!

The music really helped distract me, and the incorporation of a few dance moves into our workout made the class more fun and interesting. During the last 15 minutes of the class, we did simple crunches, flutter kicks and other workouts that target the core.

Afterwards, I spoke to Joraine and she told me that she lost 20kg in a period of six months just from taking jumping classes. On average, and depending on the intensity of the class, you can burn up to 1000 calories in an hour’s session.

Jumping class was really fun and what shocked me the most was that I wasn’t feeling sore at all the next day! Joraine explained this was thanks to the great impact absorption by the European-made trampolines. Find out more about class fees here.

Opening hours: (Monday to Friday) 11am – 9.30pm, (Saturday & Sunday) 11am – 8.30pm 

Prestique Studio: #03-53 Clarke Quay Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen St, Singapore 059817 | Website | Facebook | Instagram | Tel: +65 6816 0864

4. Pole Dancing Class

If you really sit and think about it, pole dancing truly is an art. I’ve always been fascinated by how pole dancers move with so much grace. In this class, your strength is tested.

Strength – another thing that I lack. For those who don’t know, I can’t even do a push-up. Not even a woman’s push-up (yes, you can laugh, I’m used to it). Nevertheless, I was super stoked for this class that’s offered by The Brass Barre at orchardgateway. Check out the full review of my first aerial yoga experience here!

I felt slightly confident because of my dance background but still, I didn’t know if I was strong enough to carry my own body weight while dancing.

We had Jamie as our instructor, who’s also the co-founder of The Brass Barre. After some light stretching, Jamie taught us two tricks: the fireman spin and the front hook spin.

Yeah, I struggled a little at first but it was such a fun and freeing experience! Afterwards, Jamie taught us some polegraphy: a short choreography that incorporates pole tricks and dances.

Pole dancing combines dance and bodyweight training, so you can expect to build lean muscle rather than just losing weight. Overall, I really enjoyed the pole dance class. Going for this with a friend made it so much more fun and the music really helped me feel more comfortable. You can burn up to 350 calories per hour! Find out more about class fees here.

Opening hours: (Monday to Friday) 11.30am – 9.30pm, (Saturday & Sunday) 11am – 7.30pm

The Brass Barre: #02-24 Orchard Gateway, 277 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238858 | Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Tel: +65 6282 6962

5. Neon Boxercise Class

Need to relieve stress or some pent up anger? Ground Zero‘s 45 minute Rumble class could be just what you need. This nightclub-inspired studio is filled with aqua punching bags and participants box to the beat in this high-intensity boxercise class.

They even let you share a class package with your friend so you don’t need to do this alone! I suggest you try out this class because with the neon lights and energetic music, you’re sure to have a fun and interesting experience. Prior boxing experience is not needed! Click here to check out Ground Zero’s class fees. Ground Zero also provides a neon cycling class if boxing is not your thing.

Opening Hours: (Mon-Fri) 6am-9:30pm, (Sat & Sun) 7:30am- 6:30pm

Ground Zero: Level 3, 38 Carpenter Street Singapore 059917 | Website | FacebookInstagram | Tel: 65320154

6. Aerial Yoga Workout

The fourth fun fitness class on the list is aerial yoga. After seeing the beautiful Upside Motion studio at OUE Downtown Gallery, I was really interested in trying it out. Check out the full review of my first aerial yoga experience here!

The studio had the beautiful silk hammocks hanging from the ceiling and just looking at them intimidated me. I’ve tried normal yoga before and to be honest, I didn’t like it. During this class however, I found to be super enjoyable and because of that, it didn’t feel like work at all.

We did several stretches and inversions. We ended off the class doing the Savasana ( a resting pose) in the hammock. This part was immensely relaxing and much needed after all that core strength training.

What made this class extra fun was our instructor Janie, who was super friendly and encouraging. She made us feel comfortable from the very second we entered the studio, which I appreciate. Swinging around in the aerial hammocks brought such a child-like, playful element to this fitness class. Click here to check out the class fees.

Opening Hours: (Mon-Fri)  7am-9:30pm, (Sat & Sun) 8am-5pm

Upside Motion Shenton: #B1-01/026A Shenton Way OUE Downtown Gallery Singapore 068815 | Website | Instagram | Facebook

7. Aqua Spinning Class

Credit- Aquaspin

If you’ve already tried spin classes and you’re looking for a bigger challenge, why not try Aquaspin? With four locations across Singapore, this aqua aerobics class is sure to be a memorable one for you. Aquaspin’s classes also include prenatal and water rehabilitation exercises.

Each session is a full-on body workout and is designed to be challenging and most importantly, fun. Considering how tired I was after normal spin class, I imagine aquaspin classes will be way worse.

Aquaspin’s classes have been designed to also include everyone, no matter your fitness level. If you’re a non swimmer, don’t worry, their classes are taught in shallow water and your head is never underwater. In one session, you can burn up to 800 calories. Besides that, Aquaspin is clinically proven to help get rid cellulite! Check out the other benefits of Aquaspin here. For more info on their class fees, click here.

Opening hours: 8:30am-10:30am, 6:30pm-8:30pm

Aquaspin Singapore: Website| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

8. Hip-Hop Cardio Dance Class

Another unique class offered by Prestique Studio is a cardio dance class called The Mix by Pilloxing. You don’t have to be a dancer to join this cardio dance program as the steps are easy to follow. If you’re not ready for high-intensity classes, The Mix could be a great starting point for you.

Prestique Studio is the only studio in Singapore that offers regular classes for this new cardio-dance programme. I’ve been to dance classes before and I noticed that The Mix was a lot easier to keep up with. I didn’t feel pressured to quickly memorise the moves. This high-cardio workout brings dance into your workout, which is awesome because then it didn’t feel like work.

Everybody there was a beginner, so don’t worry if you’re shy because like you, everyone else is learning! The Mix encourages movement in a fun way, which is great if you’re like me and you get bored fast. On average, you can burn up to 400 calories in a 45-minute session. Find out more about class fees here.

Opening hours: (Monday to Friday) 11.30am – 9.30pm, (Saturday & Sunday) 11.30am – 7.30pm

Prestique Studio: #03-53 Clarke Quay Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen St, Singapore 059817 | Website | Facebook | Instagram | Tel: +65 6816 0864

9. Aerial Hoop Class

Ever wondered what it was like to be a circus trapeze acrobat? Cause I definitely have. They make it look so easy and fun and free. Luckily for you, you can take an aerial hoop class right here in Singapore. Aerial Fitness Studio is Singapore’s largest professional aerial studio.

This fitness class will help you to increase your body’s coordination. I don’t even need to try this class out to know that it’ll be fun. Swinging around and finally getting to unleash your inner acrobat? Hell yeah.

The studio is open when according to the class schedule.

Aerial Fitness Studio: #01 – 42 Aerial Fitness Studio Pte. Ltd. CT Hub 2, 114 Lavender Street Singapore 338729.
(near Lift Lobby 4) | 
Website | Facebook | Instagram

10. Yoga Classes On Water

Credit- Skyline Aqua

If you’ve conquered regular yoga and aerial yoga, then perhaps you’re ready for aqua yoga. Skyline Aqua conducts two different classes: FloatFit Yoga and FloatFit HIIT.

According to Skyline Aqua, these yoga classes done above water use the world’s first floating exercise mat, the AquaBase. Besides improving your physique, FloatFit Yoga helps increase flexibility and muscle development.

Credit- Skyline Aqua

The FloatFit HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Workout is way more intense if you’re looking to burn fats. This workout includes burpees and lunges and aqua climbers. All on water. Sign up for this class with your friends and you’re sure to have some laughs and ALOT of fun!

Supposedly, you can burn up to 400 calories in just 30 minutes! Click here to find out more about their fees.

Venues are open when classes are in session.

Skyline Aqua: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Tel: 81000829

I honestly wanted to see if for once in my life, I could have fun during a workout. And I really did from the classes I tried. If you’re like me and don’t enjoy going to the gym, give these fitness classes a shot. From one unfit person to another, you can do it.  Believe me. Who needs the gym when there are so many fitness classes to choose from?

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