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| On 4 years ago

Batman V Superman Fitness Tracker x EZ-Link: Limited Ed Tracker With EZ-Link Makes Commuting A Breeze

In collaboration with Watchdata Technology, EZ-Link is launching a limited edition Batman v Superman Fitness Tracker x EZ-Link. This tracker is priced at S$42.80 and is only available on the online store in the Batman and Superman designs.

The fitness tracker measures your daily steps, calories burnt and sleep quality, then sends the data to your smartphone through bluetooth. Apart from that, simply tap it at any MRT gantry or while boarding the bus to instantly pay for your trip without having to take out your EZ-Link card.

For those of you looking for something more, consider the Garmin vívosmart HR with EZ-Link. On top of the regular fitness tracker functions, the Garmin vívosmart HR with EZ-Link has a heart rate monitor to track your heart rate when exercising or even when you are sleeping!

The product will cost S$259 from end March 2017 onwards at major retailers.

Say goodbye to fumbling and searching for your EZ-Link card when taking public transport!

Prices: S$42.80 – S$259

EZ-Link Wearables: Website | Store

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