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| On 2 days ago

Absolutely No Queue At IKEA Tampines — Day 1 of Phase 2 Peculiarities

Happy first day of Phase 2 everyone! It seems like Singaporeans are actually exercising some control and are not just frivolously going out just because they can.

Ikea Tampines Today (19 June 2020)

Remember when some collectively thought stocking up from IKEA was a good idea right before we went into CB? Seems like Ikea has learned from that incident and had prepared for the worst for the first day of Phase 2.

Ikea Tampines Today (19 June 2020)

Surprisingly, IKEA has over-prepared to cater for a massive queue that does not exist.

Ikea Tampines Today (19 June 2020)

Guess we don’t miss our meatballs as much as I thought we would.

Ikea Tampines Today (19 June 2020)

Also, a commonly asked question that people seem to never know the answer to is whether the shuttle bus is still in service. The answer is yes it is still in service but does not stop at Ikea Tampines, so be sure to stop at Courts or Giant!

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