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Face Mask Accessories Under $6 You Can Buy To ‘Zhng’ Your Mask — Plus A Bonus Boujie Product

Our Circuit Breakers are coming to a close soon as 1 June draws near, but it seems like our mask-wearing days are here to stay for quite a while more. Since we’re going to have to accept this fate, we might as well strap in and get comfortable with it while we’re at it.

With our country’s hot weather and a citizenry with an affinity for complaining, Singaporeans have had much to lament about having to mask up before heading outside—even if it’s for our own good. In light of this, my civic-mindedness has come through yet again, and I did us all a favour by exploring ways we can all ‘zhng’, or switch up our mask-donning experience to make our quality of life a tad bit better for the coming months ahead.

Be it comfort or convenience that you seek, these 10 mask accessories from Shopee will surely aid your situation in one way or another. Mask up everyone!

1. Foldable Mask Storage Holder

Credit – Shopee

Eventually, we will get to dine in public with our loved ones again, but then comes the trouble of storing our masks in a way that’s hygienic and convenient while we chomp away at our meals.

This Foldable Mask Storage Holder allows you to fold your mask into a quarter of its original sizeI’l and is secured with a band to hold it all together. The end product measures only 9.3cm by 6cm so it should fit snugly in your pocket. For all my male readers who—at all costs—will not carry a bag in name of the handsfree life, this one’s for you.

Buy Here | More adorable options here

2. Mask Extender

Credit – Shopee

We all know there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all product, which is why this Mask Extender will be more than useful for folks who find the need to tighten or loosen their masks to make it more comfortable.

Adjust your mask to 4 different sizes with this extender, or simply use it to give your ears a rest from all that tension. The extender also comes in alternative variants such as a rounded or hook shape that may work better for you.

Buy Here | Alternative Designs: Rounded | Hook

3. Anti-Slip Silicone Ear Hook

Credit – Shopee

Speaking of giving ears a rest, there also exists an Ear Hook that does just that, on top of acting as an anti-slip surface for your mask straps.

Rid your ears of strain that comes with donning your mask for an extended period of time—it’s never a waste to invest in comfort. Choose from 3 colourways of white, blue, or black.

Buy Here (head band version)

4. Filter Replacements

Credit – Shopee

As your mask gets subjected to wear and tear over prolonged use, give it a new lease of life by simply placing a brand new disposable Filter Replacement over its mouth area.

This way, you won’t be burning through a brand new surgical mask every time you leave the house, and still stay on top of your hygiene game. The replacements do not catch fire when torched and have been tested as waterproof, according to a positive review from a satisfied buyer.

Buy Here

5. DIY Mask Clip

Credit – Shopee

Whether your mask is less than aesthetically-pleasing or that it could use a strap reinforcement, this DIY Mask Clip solves both your woes.

Made from faux leather, this accessory boasts a rustic yet stylish charm that will upgrade even the simplest of masks. Use the clip to tighten the fabric of your mask or when you’re feeling up for the challenge of making your own face mask from scratch.

Buy Here

6. Mask Adjustment Buckle

Credit – Shopee

Probably the tiniest product on this list, the Mask Adjustment Buckle is just like a chilli padi—small but powerful. The little contraption allows you to tighten the straps of your mask as you deem fit so that your mask will not shift out of place on your commute.

Having an appropriately-fitting mask is more important than we realise, for it is literally the one filter that separates our mouths with the rest of our environment. Now’s a good time as any to invest in a small buckle that will go a long way.

Buy Here

7. Something for your furry friend

Credit – Shopee

As much as we humans deserve to be well-protected and equipped against the coronavirus, our little furry friends do too. If you’re a slave to your pet just like many of my friends, then you might feel compelled to cover all grounds just to be safe—including a tiny pet-sized mask just for them.

Just be sure to exercise caution when securing it onto your pet, lest it is too tight or uncomfortable for them—they, unfortunately, don’t have the luxury of untying it themselves. The mask comes in variations tailored to long noses and short noses of 3 sizes—small, medium, and large.

Buy Here

8. Nose Strip Reinforcer

Credit – Shopee

If you’re blessed with a nose size that deviates from the norm and find that your mask won’t stay held up by your nose bridge, perhaps these Nose Strip Reinforcers will be the tiny wire that makes all the difference.

Reinforce the nose area of your surgical or reusable masks by slipping this strip under the mask’s fabric. But as always, try your best to invest in a reusable mask for the sake of our environment, and so that there are enough surgical masks for our healthcare workers.

Buy Here

9. Dust-proof Storage Box

Credit – Carousell

If option 1 proved to be too flimsy, and you’d prefer for your mask to be in sturdier hands, then this Dust-proof Storage Box might be the better alternative.

It allows you to store your mask without having to fold it, yet is sleek and slim enough to slide effortlessly into your bag. Choose from a couple of coloured transparent colourways, or more fanciful designs such as checks and flowers.

Buy Here | Alternative design here


10. Disinfectant Tools

Indeed, I’ve saved the most bougie option for last. If, like your next-door neighbour Karen, you take your hygiene with utmost seriousness, then perhaps you’d be willing to spend more than just a few bucks on your mask tools.

Credit – Shopee

Just to be 100% sure, you can invest in disinfectant tools such as the Portable Disinfectant Bag which is a lunch bag-sized companion measuring 240mm by 195mm by 150mm. Sterilise not only your mask, but also your phone, wallet, and keys in this simple device—all that in only 3 minutes.

Credit – Shopee

If a whole bag is too much commitment for you, then how about a UV Steriliser Box instead? Albeit smaller in size, it still promises to sterilise your phone, headphones, and other small accessories just as effectively.

The UV Steriliser Box also doubles up as a portable wireless charger for any Hua Wei, Apple, or Android device that’s small enough to fit. It measures 230mm by 120mm by 35mm.

Portable Disinfectant Bag | UV Steriliser Box | Alternative

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