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EZ-Link Launches Twelve Limited Edition Chinese Zodiac Cards For 2020 – Only 1500 Pieces Available

Now, this is not something you see every day. EZ-Link collaborates with Fengshui expert Joey Yap to bring you 12 limited edition Chinese zodiac EZ-Link cards.

Credit: EZ-Link

Just in case you have no idea what Fengshui is, Fengshui directly translated from Mandarin to English is air and water. To loosely explain it, Fengshui is Chinese geomancy, the belief that individuals can achieve balance in energy with their surroundings.

Perhaps you’ll be on your way to achieving balance with this limited edition EZ-Link Card.

Chosen by the master Joey Yap himself, these cards will bear the design of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs along with his 2020 zodiac predictions.

Only 1500 Chinese Zodiac EZ-Link cards will be available nation-wide, so if you’re intrigued with what your 2020 holds, I suggest you get them quick.

The cost of each card is priced at $5, with no load value included. All designs will be available for purchase via the official EZ-Link Vending Machines at Bugis Junction and Junction 8 Shopping Centre starting 9 January 2020.

Credit: EZ-Link

These cards are beautiful and opulent looking with a red background featuring the animal of the zodiac and is also adorned with a gold right border. The card also sports gold calligraphy atop the visual of the zodiac animal. Master Joey Yap’s predictions are on the top left of the card, in white coloured font.

Credit: EZ-Link

These limited edition cards really do bring alive the spirit of Chinese New Year and it’s always nice to have a little reminder of how to continuously thrive throughout the year.

Maybe instead of giving out red packets this year, you could give out these EZ-Link cards.

Date: 9 January 2020  

Price: S$5 

Location: Offical EZ-Link Vending Machines at Bugis Junction (opposite #1-111) & Junction 8 Shopping Centre (opposite McDonald’s)

EZ-Link: Website

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