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Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Collection: This Skincare Range May Be The Solution To Your Acne Problems

Is acne the worst part about puberty? Probably. Although I haven’t really been tormented by acne during my adolescent years, I do face the occasional outbreak and I understand how acne can leave you frustrated and feeling less confident about yourself.

I was more than happy to test out DermoPURIFYER, a skincare collection by Eucerin that is supposed to help curb problem skin, because who doesn’t want to keep acne at bay?

There are five products in the range that will make up your skincare routine from morning till night. I tried the products for a week and here’s the lowdown on each one:

1. Acne & Makeup Cleansing Water

The best part about this cleansing water is that it is 3-in-1. It’s formulated to remove bacteria as well as to prevent breakouts, helping you achieve a clear and blemish-free complexion.

Makeup can help you to conceal your blemishes but don’t forget that it may also be the reason why your skin problems exist in the first place! Removing your makeup properly is an essential step in your skincare routine and your makeup remover may not be giving you a thorough cleanse.

Since I started using makeup, I have been on the hunt for the best product to remove it. I’ve tried Nivea’s Makeup Clear Cleansing Wipes and The Body Shop’s Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil but both have been dissatisfactory.

With regards to the former, the packaging seal didn’t do its job so the wipes dried up quickly. The latter was too oily and probably increased the number of outbreaks that I had.

I was pleased to find that this Acne & Makeup Cleansing Water was not oily at all and felt great on my skin! It also really efficiently removed my makeup, leaving my pores unclogged.

Price: S$39.90

2. Cleanser

I am not fond of soap-free cleanser in general. Mild cleansers always fill me with doubt because I worry that my face is not clean enough when there’s too little foam. To counter this problem, I squeeze a generous portion out every single time.

Although there was a distinct medicinal smell that made me wrinkle my nose every time I used it, I liked how soft my face felt after cleansing. If you have sensitive skin like I do, this cleanser is actually a great product for you as it is gentle but able to purify your skin effectively everyday.

Price: S$23.90

3. Toner

This toner was not sticky upon application and seeped into my skin very quickly. It was particularly effective in my T-zone area and other problem areas, and you can use it alongside common acne medication.

This was my favourite product from the collection because I loved the smell of this Toner. I certainly appreciated how the scent covered up the distasteful smell of the cleanser. A toner that makes your skin smell good and feel clean? I’m sold.

Price: S$23.90

4. Active Night Care

This Active Night Care cream is supposed to help to improve the condition of the skin while you sleep. The product is meant to support the skin’s regeneration overnight and promote better flow of sebum.

I applied it on the spots on my face and though they (obviously) didn’t magically disappear the next day like I hoped they would, the pimples became less red and swollen.

After applying the cream religiously for a few days, the spots actually went away so you can use this product like a pimple cream, except only at night.

Price: S$25.90

5. Active Concentrate

This Active Concentrate claims to refine and clarify the appearance of your skin. It smelled pretty amazing too. You are recommended to apply this product every morning or evening to your cleansed face and other affected areas.

I felt that the Active Night Care was sufficient for my night routine so I decided to use this product only in the morning.

This Active Concentrate was light and had a fast absorbing texture, making it an excellent makeup base. It’s now a part of my makeup routine to minimise the clogging of my pores.

Price: S$29.90


If you’re prone to acne but love makeup, just make sure you effectively remove it at the end of the day and cleanse your skin appropriately. That’s where the Eucerin DermoPURIFYER collection comes in.

You don’t have to try all the products — simply invest in one or two and see how it works for you before getting the whole range. I especially recommend the Toner and Acne & Makeup Cleansing Water.

Ladies, you should be able to doll up and not worry about acne!

Prices: S$23.90 – S$39.90

Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Collection: Available in-stores at Guardian, Watsons & Unity | Website | Facebook

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