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Unleash your inner sleuth in this free-to-download Enola Holmes detective game

Have you watched Enola Holmes? If you have, I’m sure you were left enchanted by the romantic sights and sounds of 19th Century London, like I did. The movie simply has a way of making you pick up the nearest magnifying glass and flat cap, while fiercely looking for something to solve, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, we don’t all live in super-exciting mystery movie plotlines—the biggest mystery in my neighbourhood is where the neighbour’s cat has disappeared to since this morning.

Fret not, however, for if you’re itching for a good puzzle to solve, you now can—by playing this Enola Holmes detective game, which you can print out and solve from the comfort of your own home. Bring out your inner-sleuth and try to track Enola as she investigates locations across London—armed with nothing but a map, a copy of The London Gazette, some clues and your sleuthing instincts.

Credit – Escape Hunt UK

Made for ages six and up by escape room specialists Escape Hunt UK, this post-movie activity is perfect for a family evening. All you need is a colour printer, a pair of scissors, a mirror and an Internet connection to get the going. The premise of the game is that Enola is looking for detectives to join her detective agency, and this game is meant to test if you have what it takes for the post.

Credit – Escape Hunt UK

It’s a stay-at-home activity, and a great way to keep your family entertained during a pandemic. What’s more, it’s absolutely free, but is only available for a limited time only—what are you waiting for?

Download the game here.

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