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| On 2 years ago

Eaglewings Cinematics: A Luxurious Platinum Movie Experience In Bukit Timah

After my experience at Shaw Premieres, I could not sit in a cinema the same way again. Even though I’ve watched solid movies like Avengers: Endgame, three hours in a normal seat took a toll on me. Well, given that I did not have the best seats in the house and I had to crane my neck upwards during the movie. Oh, how I miss the premium cinemas.

Credit – Eaglewings Cinematics FB

When I had the opportunity to catch a movie at the Platinum theatre of Eaglewings Cinematics, I jumped at it. We made our way down to KAP Mall at King Albert Park for our next premium movie experience.

Located at King Albert Park

Located only at King Albert Park mall, Eaglewings may not exactly be the most convenient location for moviegoers who stay in the east. However, if you live in the vicinity of atas Bukit Timah neighbourhood or study in an institution nearby such as SIM, it may be the nearest.

A Whole Floor Of Outlets

Eaglewings takes up the majority of the space on the first floor of the mall. Aside from the theatres and ticketing counter, the first floor also houses the Eaglewings Loft and the Eaglewings Gift Shop & Gelato. These shops are open to all.

The two-storey Eaglewings Loft is also able to accommodate big groups with their VIP rooms, which can house up to 40 people. Each room comes with a karaoke system, making it a perfect way to kill time before your movie.

Premium Lounge

Because we were in the Platinum class, we were entitled to the use of the Eaglewings Premium Lounge. Moviegoers who are watching in the Gold cinemas may use it as well. If you have a normal ticket instead, you may top up S$6 to use the lounge.

The two-storey lounge is filled with round tables and luxurious sofas, where you can order food and drinks from with a buzzer.

There are two massage chairs for you to relax in before your movie starts, and you can bet that we made full use of them.

The lounge also has a zhng-ed touch screen drink dispenser, which can serve up to 50 combinations of drinks. Think orange-flavoured Sprite or cherry vanilla-flavoured Coke. For calorie counters like myself, there is also an assortment of sugarless drinks such as Sprite Zero or A&W Zero. The possibilities are endless, just like the drinks- free flow.

The Theatre

We entered the cinema through the doors on the first floor, and we were surprised. The theatre was incredibly cosy, housing only 18 seats. The aisles were widely spaced apart, ensuring a great deal of privacy between each pair of seats.

Although the screen is not as large compared to mainstream cinemas like Golden Village, I believe this is done relative to the size of the theatre. If it was any larger, it would be very straining for the eye to continuously read huge images and compromise the overall comfortability of the theatre.

Platinum Seat Features

Each seat reclined at a 50-60 degree angle, making the screen align perfectly with your eyes when you lay back (it’s still adjustable to your comfort). That is, if you did not get the corner seat in the front row as I did. I had to adjust my body slightly to the right to be in an ideal viewing position. Don’t get me wrong, it was still very comfortable.

Each seat comes with a leg rest which you can adjust up to 90 degrees. They can be adjusted with a button on the left or right of your seat depending on which side you are on. Just in case you are unable to see it in the darkness of the theatre, the seat also comes with a reading light.

Every seat also comes with an extendable table, although I would have prefered it to be in between both seats as it would better facilitate the sharing of food. There are also two USB charging ports for you to juice up your devices over the duration of the movie.

Don’t worry about the cold cinema, as you are given what appears to be a pillow, which actually houses a fluffy blanket. You can leave it in the case and hug it or blanket up- these features are definitely going to come in really handy for a horror film.

Free-flow Drinks

Remember the free-flow drinks in the Platinum Lounge? You can enjoy them in the theatre as well. Simply press the call button on the side and an attendant will enter the cinema to help you with a refill. You may also order popcorn and food via this method.

My only gripe with this is that due to the design of the theatre, there is only one entrance/exit at the front of the cinema so whenever someone calls for service, the attendants will enter through the front, making it slightly distracting. They do, however, lower their bodies when passing through so as to not block your view.

Final Thoughts

You may say that it is because I was in a Platinum theatre, but even Eaglewing’s normal cinema halls have only 60 seats, making it an incredibly cosy affair. I hope I did not spoil the movie for the polite staff members given the number of times I buzzed them in for my Coke Zero refills.

Watching at Eaglewings Cinematics didn’t feel like I was at the theatres. It felt like I was comfortably snuggled up in bed.

Price: S$26(Platinum, weekdays) S$34(Platinum, Friday night to Sunday) For full list of prices, refer to here

Eagle Wings Cinematics: 9 King Albert Park, #01-58, Singapore 598332 | Website | Tel: +65 9848 7777

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