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Dunkin’ Donuts Korea Has Huggable Kit Kat Cushions For KRW4,900

Chocolate lovers can now hug a bar of chocolate– Dunkin’ Donuts Korea is running a promotion where you can get your fill of Kit Kat without the calories and sugar.

Credit – Dunkin’ Donuts

Credit – Dunkin’ Donuts Korea

The promotion is the first part of Dunkin Donuts’ year-end campaign, called Winter Play. Dunkin Donuts released cushions in three different “flavours” – choco, pink and donut.

Credit – Dunkin’ Donuts Korea

The promotion is only open to people who spend KR₩10,000 (S$11.60) at Dunkin Donuts. The cushions cost KR₩4,900 (S$5.70).

All three cushions are made out of memory foam and measure 52cm by 14cm. On the underside of the cushion, there are Velcro straps meant to go around car seat belts. Children can be a nightmare on long rides, but this cushion will keep them comfortable and entertained.

Credit – Dunkin Donuts Korea

Fans can also look forward to more releases soon! Due to the popularity and positive response towards the Kit Kat cushions, Dunkin’ Donuts Korea said that the company might also release other collaborative merchandise promotions with Kit Kat. The company has also already released a promotion for a padded blanket and accompanying hat.

This promotion is only available in Korea while stocks last so if you’re not visiting any time soon, get one of your friends who’s going to grab you one!

Dunkin’ Donuts Korea: Website

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