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The Cuss Collar Translates Your Dog’s Barks To Swear Words — Get It For S$83.34

For the longest time, it was said, “Dogs are man’s best friend”. This phrase stems from most canines’ baffling innate loyalty to people. However, this gag gift may leave you in shock whenever your dog comes to greet you.

Credit – MSCHF

MSCHF, an Internet Company which creates viral projects and products sold across the web, has recently introduced their unconventional product called Cuss Collar. This new dog collar is supposedly able to “interpret” their barks into words. Sounds like a dream come through to all dog lovers who long to understand their beloved pets? More than words, it’s curse words.

Credit – MSCHF

Cuss Collar is made of 100% patent leather, a steel buckle and has a pre-recorded speaker. The bark-activated speaker will play pre-recorded profanities according to your dog’s barks. It can blast up to 80 decibels which is equivalent to a startling morning alarm. Beware, the dictionary of expletives contained is colourful, to say the least. Needless to say, this collar is highly unsuitable for the people who find such a genre of words jarring.

Currently, it is priced at US$60 (approx. S$83.34) and requires two AAA batteries to power it.

Credit – MSCHF

This “limited edition” gag gift is currently sold out. However, interested customers can sign up for more details on the next release by contacting the number on the Cuss Collar’s website.

Price: US$60 (approx. S$83.34)

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