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Let Your Reflection Show Who You Are Inside with Disney X Pandora’s Mulan Collection Coming 5 March 2020

Pandora has always been quick to pull on our heartstrings with all their endearing jewellery collections. Get ready to be enchanted once more with Disney X Pandora’s Mulan collection coming to you this 5 March 2020.

Credit-Disney X Pandora

In conjunction with the screen release of the highly-anticipated movie, Mulan, Pandora has capitalised on this golden opportunity to celebrate women all around the globe. These newly released charms embrace those who proudly defy social mores to be their true selves–regardless of what society has to say about it.

Masquerading as a man to join the war, Mulan is constantly tested and must harness her inner strength to embrace her true potential. To represent the protagonist balancing society’s demands with a longing to embrace who she is on the inside–the Disney Mulan Dangle Charm (S$129) is engraved with the powerful reminder to “Be strong and Be yourself”.

Credit-Disney X Pandora

The egocentric Chinese dragon, Mushu is Mulan’s self-delegated guardian.  Through antics and tribulations, he proves himself a worthy companion, faithful friend and brave warrior. Created with a layer of richly coloured enamel, the sterling silver Disney Mulan Mushu Charm (S$89)elegantly wraps around the hand-crafted charm encapsulating his protection over Mulan.

Credit-Disney X Pandora

The Disney x Pandora Mulan Collection will be made available at all PANDORA stores and eStores across Singapore 5 March 2020 onwards. Mix and match through a variety of charms and bracelets to let your reflection finally show who you are inside.

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