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| On 3 years ago

Keep In Shape For Valentine’s Day With These Special Workouts At Dancevault Studios Till 14 Feb

If you’ve ever wanted to do something new with your beau on Valentine’s Day, when everyone else is wining and dining, Dancevault Studios is having a special deal during the season of love.

Couples can sign up for a Bungee Workout or Bungee Fit class for a promotional price of S$38 per couple from now until 14 February 2018.

What is a Bungee Workout, you ask?

It’s a combination of dance and fitness training, coupled with acrobatic performance that’ll work on resistance training and a full body cardio workout.

Using a powerful bungee cord, you’ll be in for a challenging session that leverages on gravity and body weight, while also allowing you to experience the feeling of flight.

For couples seeking a higher intensity activity, the 60-minute Bungee Fit class utilises the bungee cord to create more resistance when you push, run, jump and soar, resulting in a higher burn.

This is a great opportunity to change up your romance routine and torch those calories together!

Dates: 1 to 14 February 2018

Prices: S$38 per couple

Dancevault Studios: 176 East Coast Road, Singapore 428882 | Tel: +65 6909 3607/08 | Website | Facebook | Instagram

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