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Amidst the COVID-19 Chaos, Here Are Some Stickers to Remind You to Stay Kind and United

It’s been about two weeks since Singapore’s DORSCON Level changed to orange. Since then we’ve seen a public frenzy—wiping out grocery stores, which resulted in supermarkets having to set hard limits on the number of supplies one can buy at a single time. There are also stories of Singaporeans being rude to healthcare workers, facemasks being sold for stupidly exorbitant prices, and panic from misinformation being spread.

Being alive during this time of COVID-19, really has shown me what fear can do to us as a nation. Are there any positive takeaways we’ve learned so far? Perhaps that Singaporeans will do anything to stay prepared in times of disease outbreak?

Credit – Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth

But in times of mass hysteria, it is of utmost importance that we stay kind to each other. The Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) has decided to spread kindness in the most simple and cutest way possible by teaming up with local artists to create Telegram and Whatsapp stickers.

Credit – Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth

Yes, you read that right. MCCY created stickers to unite and spread positivity amongst Singaporeans. And I am both amused and impressed at the same time. Some stickers include quotes such as “Stick it to the virus” and drawings of people air hugging while wearing masks. With five sticker packs, there are definitely more than enough stickers of kindness and unity to go around.

Credit – Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth

In these times of the Coronavirus, when we’re discouraged to be out in public, send these stickers to your family and loved ones to remind them to always keep empathy and sympathy in mind. Be sure to download the stickers here.

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