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Cold Brew For COVID-19 Healthcare Heroes In S’pore

Being globally hailed as the poster child on how Singapore’s dealing with the COVID-19 situation fills me with great pride. I am thankful for the infrastructures placed by the government but these infrastructures and protocols would mean nothing without those who actually enact them—our frontline healthcare heroes. I hold the utmost admiration for the men, women and non-binary people who selflessly serve the nation in this time of need.

The least we can do is give back, a sentiment a colleague from CraveFX shared. She is currently raising funds to bring cold brew coffee and tea to our healthcare front liners and would greatly appreciate if you could spare some change.

This fundraising campaign is hosted on Give.Asia, a 100% free fundraising platform that supports charitable efforts.

This campaign will match every $1 donated and, as of writing, has already reached its first goal. Liaison between hospitals has been made and preparations for the bottled drink delivery is happening as we speak. The cold brew and tea are produced by the kind folks at Nineteen95 The Espresso Bar and the money raised will go to all operating and material costs.

Nineteen95 The Espresso Bar was motivated to hold a crowdfunding campaign to scale up their efforts after they received positive feedback from their first stint of coffee sponsorship at Changi General Hospital.  Should the campaign receive an overwhelming response, cold brew and tea deliveries will be increased and each hospital will receive more bottles of drink as well.

If you can’t donate, that’s fine! Creating awareness and sharing this amongst your friends would be a great help too. It’s really beautiful to see such acts of kindness go around in trying times.

Covid 19 – Free Cold Brew Coffee for Frontline Healthcare Workers | Donate Here

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