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Catch Cirque Du Soleil’s Interpretation Of Avatar From 24 May – 3 June At The Indoor Stadium

This 24 May – 3 June 2018, get ready for a breathtaking performance as Cirque Du Soleil presents Toruk – The First Flight! A production inspired by Avatar, the performance will transport you to the world of Pandora in a live setting.

Witness the Tree of Souls glow before your eyes with its mystical hues and willowy tendrils and watch as performers scale the Giant Loom. With their athleticism and elegant movements, the Tawkami Clan will definitely keep the audience captivated and enchanted.

The production will also feature a fiery Toruk, a creature of nightmares and the greatest predator in Pandora, soaring across the stage.

James Cameron’s movie, Avatar, was already an eye-opener and we can’t wait to see how the Cirque Du Soleil troupe have put their own spin on the characters and the set. Hurry and get your tickets now as they’ll only be in Singapore for a brief 10 days!

Dates & Times: 24 May – 3 June 2018, 1pm/ 4pm/ 5pm/ 8pm

Prices: S$98 – S$188

Cirque Du Soleil’s TORUK – The First Flight: Singapore Indoor Stadium, Singapore 734007 | Tickets | Website | Facebook

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