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Christian Dior Is Releasing Limited Edition Cushion Foundation in Signature Canvas On 1 Jan

The iconic Christian Dior print in Signature Canvas might seem all-too-familiar with us—where have we seen it before? Oh that’s right, it’s the Christian Dior Oblique Book Tote, the one that almost everyone seems to own. Now, Dior has extended their range to cushion foundations with the latest limited edition Dior Forever Perfect Cushion – Diormania Limited Edition, slated to drop on 1 Jan. I can’t think of a sweeter way to begin the new year.

For fans of the CD line, this might seem more of a collector’s item rather than plainly just make up. The collection features four different neutral tones, ranging from very fair to light medium. And while its exterior is just plain gorgeous, I’m not so sure if the line is as inclusive as it is pretty.

This long-wear powder foundation boasts a formula that leaves you with a luminous matte finish, combining 24 hours of watery hydration to ensure that your skin doesn’t dry out. With comfort and freshness being the top two qualities that most of us look for in a foundation, I’m pretty sure these will fly off the shelves as soon as they hit stores.

The cushion foundation is also refillable so as to reduce environmental footprint.

Date: 1 Jan 2020

Dior Forever Perfect Cushion – Diormania Limited Edition | Website | Facebook | Instagram

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