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Get Insanely Cheap Last-minute Tickets With RUSH Singapore – Phantom Of The Opera For S$50 Only

Singapore is a hotspot for lifestyle concerts and events such as big names like BTS and Ed Sheeran just to name a few. However, Singapore’s exorbitant ticket prices can be such downer. Everything changed when I came across RUSH Singapore.

Credit – RUSH Singapore

RUSH is a service that sells last-minute concert tickets at ridiculously low prices. For example, Phantom Of The Opera A-reserve tickets usually retail for S$155 but was sold for S$50. Let me explain the trade-off.

RUSH Singapore works by handing out last-minute, unsold tickets at extremely low prices.

Credit – RUSH Singapore FB

Let’s say the concert is held today at 8pm, Rush might sell these last minute tickets just a couple of hours before, hence the name ‘Rush’. Customers will have to rush down for last minute tickets but be able to reap huge discounts.

Credit – RUSH Singapore

For now, there seems to be only a Facebook page where RUSH releases tickets and prices, so you’ll have to follow the page and camp it out.

Once there’s news of last-minute tickets, visit the box office two hours before the showtime to collect the tickets. Take note this on a first come first serve basis.  If tickets are regretfully sold out, no worries as you can enjoy house tickets at the best available rates through RUSH.

RUSH Singapore: Facebook

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