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| On 2 years ago

The Cat Museum: A Museum In Singapore Where You Can Learn About Cats, Play And Adopt Them

Did you know that there’s A Cat Museum in Singapore? The non-profit organization is where you’ll not only learn facts about cats, but interact with kitties and even adopt one home.

Along the corridor of Purvis Street, The Cat Museum, Muses & Mansion resides in a four storey shop house, where you’d spend some time at each level just getting to meet and greet some of the loveliest feline companions.

Cat-centric quotes, posters and stickers laced the sides of the entrance. You’d have to pay an entrance fee of $12 (13 years and older), $10 (7 – 12 years old, accompanied by a parent), and free for kids below 6 years old — it is used to buy premium foods for the kitties and other miscellaneous fees to ensure that they are well taken care of.

Welcoming us warmly was the very charming Channing, well, named after the famous US actor Channing Tatum. The resident “Supurrstar”cats here are all named after a famous personality, and lives at the highest floor of the museum, where you’ll meet them first before proceeding to the other levels.

Level Four: The Supurrstar Mansion

Home to 14 supurrstars, they live cordially with one another in a luxurious enclave littered with cat toys, kitten trees to climb around, and condos to lounge in.

Just like the hall of fame, portraits of them are hung on the walls with a short write up about their characteristics, birthdays, and type of breed.

This little dude is Braddie (Brad Pitt), a 13 year old Persian/British Shorthair, who is The Cat Museum’s first love and only “foreign talent”. He was just chilling by the gate, sticking his little tongue out, and amusing us with his slightly grumpy face.

You’d get to meet his other friends, like Georgie (George Clooney) pictured above, Julia (Roberts), Sarah (Jessica Parker), Usher, Shakira, Angie (Angelina Jolie) and Jen Jen (Jennifer Aniston).

And how could we have possibly missed this angel out, Harry (Prince Harry) the crossed-eye mascot and pride of The Cat Museum in his ridiculously adorable “ah beng” sitting position.

Level Three: The Muses (Kitty Orphanage and Kitten Kindergarten)

Once you’re done meeting the supurrstars and rubbing shoulders (or scents) with them, you could proceed down the stairs to level three, or The Muses where these kitties are ready for adoption. Here’s where you’ll get to spend sometime finding the right one to bring home and make them part of your family.

Pictured above is Chamomile (two years old) and Darjeeling (seven months), mother and daughter who are super closed knitted. Darjeeling’s a grown up kitten refusing to separate from mummy’s warm embraces and love. We hope the two of them get adopted together!

You’d see the map of Singapore and picture of cats that their owners sent in to show where they are live in the various parts of the Island. For some reason, the East side seems to be avid cat lovers. Holla if you make up part of the population with cats there.

Learn more about the cat history in Singapore, the different breeds that were brought in to the countries in the earlier days, and debunk the myth of the Singapura Cat.

The Kitten Kindergarten are for the slightly younger cats about 4-6 months in their fullest energy running about and playing, they seem to never tire out.

Visitors would have to be seated down in this room. Rule of the thumb, if you want these little fur balls to come near you, never chase after them or rush to pick them up, they’ll run away. Instead, sit quietly and they’ll hop onto your lap.

Always pick them up under their arms, and support them under their buttocks, then draw them in closer to your chest and they’re ready for an comforting embrace.

An interesting fact sheet to find out how old your cat is in human years.

Level Two

Down to level two and you’ll find a family of Khao Manee with blue and gold eyed family that belongs to Mama: Diamond, Goldie and Onyx are all interestingly different in colour.

Papa, however, isn’t exactly daddy of the family, but happened to be of the same breed, so they’re all clustered together.

Papa, a Khao Manee with a beautiful charming glare. He dominates the second level and once in awhile he’ll come to the entrance and say “hi”.

Khao Manee is a rare breed that originates from Thailand, the royal family used to have a group of them roaming around the palace.

Diamond resting in her cat house, isn’t she alluring?

Mamas & Munchkins (Nursery for Rescued Mamas & Kittens)

The mamas and munchkins room is opened to 13 years old and above, as the little kittens need a quiet and peaceful environment. Upon entering into the room, the friendly Obama family runs around the open space.

At the other side of the room, fenced up and away from the public for good reasons, we were so honoured to come in contact with these tiny munchkins, they’re all rescued and will now have a great life ahead of them, thankfully.

They’re slightly over a month old now, but you can already tell their personalities apart from the other. At the same time, it was time for feeding and these ravenous tiny ones were wailing and gobbling down a bowl of wet food.

We enjoyed every moment coddling them in our arms while they fall asleep from a food coma.

Follow the map for a purrfect time at The Cat Museum. I came being more of a dog person, but I’m a cat convert now, they’re just so different and far from being aloof. More than just a museum to learn facts about cats, the interaction helps dispel the misconception about them.

Psst, if you can commit for two to three months or 12 sessions, you could volunteer and care for these kitties before they get adopted. After all the entire museum is manned by people with a heart for cats and they wouldn’t mind a couple more helping hands. Otherwise, you could donate too, just hit up its Facebook page to find out ways to contribute.

Expected damage: $12 (13 years old and above), $10 (7 – 12 years old), Free (6 and below)

The Cat Museum, Muses, And Mansion: 8 Purvis Street, Singapore 188587 | Tel: 6336 2133 | Website | Opening Hours: (Thurs – Fri) 4pm – 7pm, (Weekend 1st Session) Sat & Sun 1pm – 3:30pm, (Sat 2nd session) 4pm – 7pm,  (Sun 2nd session) 4pm – 6:30pm

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