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| On 5 years ago

Singaporean Version Of Cards Against Humanity: Limpeh Says Is “Sui” La

The day has finally arrived. We now have a Singaporean version of the popular card game, Cards Against Humanity. What started as a school project by Tan Yong Heng, has now been turned into a sellable version due to overwhelming demand.

Tan, who was a student at the time, partnered with Gabriel Leow, co-owner of local company Play Nation, to make this a reality.

They raised funds through crowdfunding site, Kickstarter.com, and managed to hit their funding target (a whopping $20,000) within 1.5 hours of launching their campaign.

Sticking to the same format as the original Cards Against Humanity, each box comes with 550 cards (90 red question cards, 460 white answer cards). The only difference? Everything is localised for Singaporeans!

Aptly named “Limpeh Says” which translates to “My Father Says”, it makes for fun times and laughter that Ah Gong up there will definitely be proud of.

Do take note that the super early-bird and early-bird pledge rewards on Kickstarter.com have already been all snapped up, because we Singaporeans have no chill.

But don’t worry! You can still pledge $40 or more to receive a set of “Limpeh Says”, or $100 or more to have your “Limpeh Says” set with 10 red and white cards customised for you.

Perfect for those inside jokes that you and your friends have or simply because your father print money one so you can afford it.

“Limpeh Says”: Facebook | Support their Kickstarter project

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