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| On 2 years ago

Campers’ Corner: An Outdoor Lover’s Dream Shop Full Of Equipment For Your Next Adventure & A Bar To Boot

Campers’ Corner is quite possibly the closest you’ll get to nirvana in urban jungle Singapore if you love the outdoors. If you’re planning your next adventure or if you’re looking to restock on essentials, it’d be hard to find a more comprehensive place.

As for the uninitiated city-slicker, Campers’ Corner is probably the best place to find your bearings if you’re looking take a walk on the wild side.

The Best Equipment

Before discovering Campers’ Corner, I got most of my gear from our much beloved “army market” at Beach Road. No, I’m not some outdoor gear snob that feels that’s below me now. However, let’s just say that there are some things I wouldn’t mind paying more for. You do “get what you pay for” after all.

Danner Boots carry a huge price tag but, they’ll probably last forever.

Ascenders and all the nick-nacks you’ll ever need and want for your next adventure.

The sole distributor in Singapore for all the brands they carry, you’ll find Marmot, Lowa Boots, Danner Boots, Singing Rock for the climbers, and the list goes on.

They’ve even got a section dedicated to almost all they varieties of rope you could ever hope for.


New kids on the block? Revolutionary concept? That’s hardly the case at Campers’ Corner. If there’s one thing that sets them apart, it’s the passionate, knowledgeable team that have made running this space their career. Heck! It’s their life.

This isn’t just an outdoor equipment retail space, they’re outfitters. They’ll help you with your search for (adequate) gear, share their experiences and if they think they can, fix your damaged equipment.

However, beyond the retail Campers’ Corner is really about bringing the outdoor sports and adventure community together. It’s a space where the like-minded can get together to learn from one another, share their experiences and perhaps learn a thing or two.

Credit: A yogi from Singapore who ventured to and conquered Tour du Mont Blanc. Just one of the many sharing sessions at Campers’ Corner.

Every now and then, someone who has gone out to a far flung corner on Earth comes home. They return with stories to tell and knowledge to share. Doing what others may think crazy and extreme, even within a community that’s seemingly made up of mad men and women to “outsiders”.

It is at these talks and presentations that the space truly comes to life. People of all ages stream in — taking time out of their schedules to listen and eventually, plot their next adventure.

Tips for planning a journey into the wild, marathon and ultramathon experiences, or simply mountains and trails they’ve conquered. Come to learn and be inspired by the men and women who choose to share their stories at Campers’ Corner.

Something I find strangely comforting however, is that not everyone is in search of the next damned cafe to flood their social media profiles with.

But instead to go off the grid… and return with a thousand pictures of mountains and wilderness.

Cafe And Bar

Now, whoever thought that folks that enjoy the outdoors and keeping fit don’t know how to let loose? Like I said at the beginning, this is the closest thing to paradise for lovers of the outdoors. With a cafe and bar, and the woodsy cabin-like interior cosy up and lounging around and spending an extended period of time here is way too easy.

Good coffee, a selection of some uncommon craft beers including fucking hell ($10) a personal favourite because I’m potty-mouthed. But it’s also light and great for when I feel like keeping it low-key after having one of those days that makes me want to say… well fuck.

And I couldn’t help but leave with a new container of chalk.

If you’re feeling a little more refined, there’s even wine and whisky. So while learning to enjoy consuming packets of ready to eat meals for days is fun — planning to conquer your next trail or mountain over food and maybe a few too many drinks is just as important. And in my opinion, there’s no better place to do it all than Campers’ Corner.

Campers’ Corner | 51 Waterloo Street #01-01, Singapore 187969 | Opening hours: 11am-8pm | Facebook | Website

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