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Best of Chloe Ting’s YouTube: 10 Videos You Should Work Out To

Chloe Ting is a renowned, established celebrity fitness trainer. She has created her own series of workouts that are designed to help people get the best results in their workout routine.

Ting’s work has been featured in many publications across the world and has been used by celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Madonna.

Many of Chloe Ting’s work outs have a challenge, which makes it loads of fun for people to measure and report their results.

If I don’t feel the burn from a workout, then it mentally throws me off and discourages me from continuing. That being said, that is not the case with Chloe Ting workouts.

Here are some 10 of her best workouts anyone can follow.

1. Abs in 2 WEEKS workout challenge

This 2 week abs schedule is QUICK and SHORT. Get abs in 2 weeks and share your challenge with friends!

2. 10 Mins Toned Arms Workout

You can get a quick arm-burning workout by following these simple steps without leaving your desk. There are many exercises and moves that you can do to keep the blood flowing, all in a short 10 minute burst!

3. Warm Up Routine

This quick 6 minute warm up routine will get you ready before your actual work out and you can use it before any exercise in any workout program.

4. Everyday Weight loss – 2 weeks Shred challenge

Instead of a 4 week program where many people drop out, Chloe came up with this 2 weeks shred challenge to encourage more perserverance. Just do this twice if you want a 4 week challenge!

5. Get that 11 Line Abs

If you want that covetted 11 ab line this workout will get you there in 35 days.

6. Tiny Waist & Round Butt workout

Get an hourglass figure with this challenge designed to give you a tiny waist with a round butt.

7. Lower Body Burn

Tone your legs and butt with this lower body burning exercise.

8. Hips Dips workout

Chloe’s curves can be achieved with this quick and simple hips workout.

9. Tight Core & Arms

Get tight core and arms which are the basis for many other workouts.

10. 10 Mins Booty Pump

As part of the hourglass program, this 10 mins booty workout is going to specifically target and activate your glute muscles, aka your butt. It’s a short workout but you’ll definitely feel the burn once you’re done. Add ankle weights or resistance bands to this workout if you want a harder challenge.

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