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This S$1500 Balenciaga Shopping Bag Sold Out Online But You Can Get The Paper Version For Free

Balenciaga, a well-known French luxury brand, recently launched a calfskin bag this June 2017 that looks exactly like the paper version you can get at the store for free with every purchase you make.

Now, this isn’t the first time that Balenciaga is pulling something like this.

The brand once launched a bag that looks like you just bought a brand new bed sheet set with a quilt from City Plaza. It retailed for £2325 (approx S$4100), but we all know too well how much a similar one would fetch in a home furnishing store.

Or perhaps you recall the £1600 (approx S$2800) bag that bore an uncanny resemblance to the IKEA shopping bag that you can get for just S$0.90?

IKEA took this in good stride and created an ad that generated more publicity for them. It was funny, but with Balenciaga’s latest shopping bag, I’m not sure if I should laugh or shake my head.

It literally looks the same as the paper version of the Balenciaga shopping bag. The only differences are that the calfskin version has black Nappa leather handles, silver hardware, and zippered pockets inside.

These bags actually sold out online within days of being launched. I can’t imagine who actually thought it was a good idea to buy such a bag. Whoever these rich people are, I need to find them.

Because I have a second hand Balenciaga bag of my own to sell (see image below), and I’m willing to part with it for only S$750.

Truly, thank you.

Price: £870 (approx S$1500)

Balenciaga Shopping Bag: Website | Facebook

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