Kai Teo

Self-proclaimed hippie punk living in Sweden, Kai believes that only if he could explain the different colours to a blind person can he reach writer's nirvana. He also writes for Buddha Mag, The Ozorian Prophet and Vice.

Confessions Of A Born & Bred Singaporean: Why I Chose To Leave My Country

The Disclaimer The reason why I chose to have a disclaimer in this article is because many people would quickly…

2 years ago

Singaporeans, We Need To Stop Being Racist To Our Immigrants

Will The Real Singaporean Please Stand Up? The year was 1819, when Sir Stamford Raffles set foot on this tiny…

2 years ago

Polyamory In Singapore: The Perks Of Keeping Your Relationship “Open”

Monogamy, Or A Lifetime Of Loneliness. Have you ever wondered if it’s possible for you to maintain several intimate relationships…

2 years ago

Step Out Of Your Holiday Comfort Zone & Go Find Yourself In India

Throw Away Everything You Knew About The World By definition, India is a country. In terms of its size, it’s…

4 years ago

5 Music Festivals That Will Change Your Life More Than Tomorrowland

We all have different impressions of what a music festival is. Most Singaporeans have probably heard of ZoukOut or Laneway…

5 years ago

Slut-shaming In Singapore And Our Backward Attitudes Towards Sex

“What’s wrong with being a slut?” As a teenage boy growing up in Singapore, like any other teenager in the…

2 years ago

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