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Art Grage Singapore: These Gorgeous Paintings Transform Under Different Light At Goodwood Park Hotel

It is a popular notion that art is dead today. It certainly seems so with the lack of support for art exhibitions. As someone who’s not as versed in the art scene, I share the same pessimistic sentiment of art as the majority.

However, I was thoroughly blown away by Art Grage Singapore, which features stunning paintings that transform under different lightings. For the first time ever, this lauded Art Grage showcase is gracing our shores on 27 March 2019.

“Dawn Of The Earth” Before Special Light

“Dawn Of The Earth” Under A Special Light

Different from conventional paintings that are static and monotonous, the featured pieces at Art Garage Singapore will tickle your senses as it transits from day to night into a myriad of colours under a change of lighting, alongside soothing music.

“Waikiki” By Walfrifo Garcia

The secrets behind these one-of-a-kind paintings lie in the use of internationally-patented pigments and lighting methodology. Unfortunately, I was not let in too much information as it is their trade secret.

“Life Of Santoyama” Before Special Light

“Life Of Santoyama” Under A Special Light

Out of the four artworks on display, my favourite was Life Of Satoyama By Syusai, which features a gorgeous garden and a mini hut. Under the light transition, it went from a luscious garden to cherry blossoms that glow under the moonlight. Simply breathtaking.

During the sharing session with Japanese founder Mr Nazuo Nakano, I learnt that the purpose of this exhibition was to introduce this unique art to Singaporeans. In fact, this art piece is so well-loved that it has gathered an extensive collector base, some notable names include Michael Jackson and Bill Clinton. Its steep average price of above US$30,000 should tell you the prestige of these collectors.

Each painting costs above US$30,000, but you can enjoy these gorgeous art pieces without paying a single cent. Do note that there’s a limited number of seats available. So head down early before this coveted opportunity disappears.

Prices: Free Admission

Art Grage Showcase Singapore: Goodwood Park Hotel, Rose Marie Suite, 22 Scotts Road, Singapore 228221 | Opening Hours: 2pm – 6pm | Registration

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