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| On 2 years ago

Archifest Festival 2019 Lets You Build A Newfound Appreciation For Design Happening From September 27 – October 9 2019

In urban Singapore, we’re always surrounded by buildings. We pass by them every day without a second glance, sometimes taking our living spaces for granted.

We even judge tourists for standing in odd places and looking up at the sky whilst photographing what to us, is just another block of flats.

Archifest 2019, held from September 27 to October 9, hosted by Formwerkz Architects, aims to bring the public one step closer to understanding how to nail that unique building design. Organised by the Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA), this year’s Archifest theme ‘Craft’, is a homage to those who’ve spent a lifetime perfecting the places where we live, work and play.

Credit – Archifest 2019

A whole line-up of events, workshops and activities aim to shed a light on the behind-the-scenes of the industry and allow you to gain first-hand experience into the development of modern and liveable cities.

Credit – Roger & Sons

Immerse yourself in Architours where visitors are exposed to the crafting process through curated craft workshops. Understand the skill and handiwork that goes on in the production of traditional and non-traditional architecture. Try your hand at wood-working, glass-making and even the process of dyeing using indigo, a technique that hails from Tokushima, Japan.

Credit – SUTD

Gaze in awe at the installations by Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) that push architectural boundaries and take into consideration environmental design. (I don’t understand this sentence)

Credit – Foster + Partnerspng

Architects and designers alike can also learn from the global icons of the industry through the SIA conference—an open forum for conversations on the issues pertinent to the urban environment, led by keynote speaker, Mr David Nelson, a veteran architect with more than 40 years under his belt.

Credit – BroadwayMalyan

Finally, visit the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) centre where you’ll have the chance to step into the shoes of an architect and grasp how much rigour is involved in the production and process of architecture.

Overall, the Archifest festival offers a new perspective of how craft is continuously being reinvented through the development of new techniques and materials. Don’t be a stranger in your own city, it’s about time to go build that knowledge.

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