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New AR Instagram Filter Lets You Try On Facial Piercings Without The Pain

Contemplating getting a new piercing but unsure of how you’ll look? Want to rock that trendy eyebrow piercing but afraid your parents might “disown” you? Want to pierce your septum but afraid of the pain that comes along with it? Well, now you can.

Instagram user @nelzster01, has created an augmented reality(AR) Instagram filter which lets you do just that.

When you first select the filter, grey spots will appear around your face. These white spots are where you can place the “piercings”, and all you have to do is tap on these spots to place the piercing.

Tapping again on the same spot will allow you to cycle through a few other accessories for the same location.

There are currently three colour options for your new piercing- black, silver and gold. To change the colour of the piercing, just tap and hold onto the piercing.

Like any other user-created Instagram filter, to unlock it, all you have to do is simply follow the creator and you will have access to all of their works.

And the AR facial piercing filter isn’t @nelzster01’s only work. The 3D-artist has created a couple of other filters, such as one that turns you into a Pharaoh, and another which causes a tarantula to crawl out of your mouth- yikes.

Take a photo of your new piercing and post it in your story with a poll- who knows, once you start receiving compliments, you might actually do it for real. Or not. It’s definitely better than going through the actual pain and then finding out that your new piercing doesn’t look the most flattering on you.

Now, before you stick out your tongue to try and preview a tongue piercing, note that the AR piercing filter does not detect the tongue. Ear piercings are also currently unavailable.

Now that I know how I look, I’m definitely piercing my septum. Who cares if I’m gonna get kicked out of the house.

Follow this profile to download the filter @nelzster01

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