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Apple’s iPhone X: 5 Cool Things About The Latest iPhone That We’re Super Stoked For

Forget about prying your face away from your iPhone, especially when Apple’s newly-announced iPhone X hits stores this 2017. The milestone model marks the 10th anniversary of the gadget that shook the status quo of phone technology, and even if you’re an Android devotee, you can’t deny the former’s seismic appeal.

The iPhone X was revealed on 13 September 2017 at a Keynote event conducted by the tech giants, and it already has the masses astir. But if you haven’t been keeping track of all the buzz – or if you’re simply not addicted to your iPhone (you’re a rare one) – we’re giving you a bite-sized primer of five cool things about this newfangled invention.

We’d be surprised if nothing here impresses you.

1) Just Look At That Screen

Nope, you’re not seeing things – there’s no more home button on the iPhone. Why? To make way for the biggest and highest-resolution screen ever to grace an iPhone, with dimensions of 5.8 inches, and a resolution of 2436 x 1125 (458ppi).

Could the iPhone get any sleeker? Yes it could, friends; yes it could.

2) Come Face-To-Face With This New Security Feature

Perfect for folks who can never remember their passcode or have permanently sweaty thumbs, the iPhone X will now make use of Apple’s TrueDepth camera to enable facial recognition in unlocking their phones.

The iPhone X will even have Adaptive Recognition, allowing it to adapt to your face even with physical changes over time.

3) Not One… But Two Cameras For The ‘Grammers

Another new feature that has shutterbugs starry-eyed is the installation of dual 12MP cameras, for sharper and more stunning photos. Both rear cameras have optical image stabilisation and fast lenses suitable for low-light conditions.

There’s even a Portrait Lighting setting that replicates the effect of professional studio lighting – perfect for your close-ups!

4) Emojis Just Got Beasty

Why stick to Emojis when you have Animojis? It’s exactly what it sounds like and are animal emojis that capture your face (50 different muscle movements, to be precise) and come to life, mimicking your every movement.

We can’t think of a more cheeky way to entertain (or annoy) your pals while texting.

5) The Future Of Wireless Charging Is Here

Gone are the days of tangled or ripped cables! Available from 2018, AirPower mats will allow users to simply place their iPhone X (and other iOS devices) on the mat to charge them, like a sci-fi dream come true.

These mats even fit as many as three devices, so you don’t have to worry about your friends hogging charging time.


Date: iPhone X will be out in Apple stores in Singapore on 27 October 2017

Price: S$1,648

Apple iPhone X: Website | Facebook

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