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Apple’s New iOS 14 Update Has Face Mask Memojis, Pinned Messages & Direct Replies

With the introduction of iOS 14, Apple users can look forward to a lineup of interesting features on their Apple Messages app.

According to the tech giant, one of the major updates targets group messaging with new features such as pinning specific texts and better notification options for direct replies.

Credit – Apple

With social distancing measures and greater reliance on virtual communication, it is important not to miss high priority messages. The pinning feature puts important texts at the top of the Messages app and enables the information to be quickly accessible to all participants in the group.

Credit – Apple

With more voices and opinions, group chats have the propensity to get chaotic at times. Direct responses to specific messages allows for clearer communication. Moreover, the new chat setting allows the respondent to receive a notification when specifically mentioned. This ensures that your message will not get lost in a sea of spam when you tag a specific person.

Credit – Apple

Memojis are increasingly popular amongst Apple users. Besides being a fun caricature of ourselves, it is a good reflection of the state of the world we live in—pandemic-stricken. Thus birthed the face mask accessory which you can now adorn your mini self with.

Credit – Apple

You can also find new hairstyles and skin colours, amongst other things.

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