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Travel In A Cartoon-Filled World By Riding The Anpanman Train In Japan

For fans of Anpanman, the iconic superhero that everybody fell in love with as a child, you will be excited to know that you can relive those memories with just a train ride. The Anpanman train is a JR rail special express train that runs between several cities in Japan, acting as a contemporary tribute to Takashi Yanase (1919-2013), creator of the Anpanman children’s manga and anime series.

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There are three routes that the Anpanman train takes — from Okayama Station to Matsuyama on the Yosan Line,  from Okayama to Kubokawa on the Dosan Line, and on the Kotuku Line where it travels from Takamatsu to Tokushima.

Apart from the picturesque views out the window that you will get to see while on the train, the Anpanman train is themed and painted in a vibrant colour scheme featuring the various Anpanman comic characters.

It is a wonderful place for you to have your Instagram shots and it really seems as though you are transported to a whole new world full of rainbow-jammed colours.

These trains have wooden benches and large windows coupled with Anpanman-themed music and announcements as well. If you are seeking a trip to Japan and would want a different travel experience between the cities, you can purchase your JR rail ticket here. Get to relive your childhood memories in this train ride!

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