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| On 2 years ago

10 Simple Exercises To Add To Your Gym Workout Regime To Shape Up Your Booty

A lot has been said about the rear end of people, maybe more so for females, the bum or glutes have become a focal point for those in search of a “fitter body”, or is it booty?

Whichever the case, strong glutes and legs are the base for a better and sturdier body, which makes putting a little more emphasis on them in your training regime a win-win for everyone.

So read on for our simple guide to getting your tushie in shape with the help of the latest OMNIA-8 equipment at Amore Fitness.

1. Barbell Back Squat

The grand-daddy of leg exercises, the barbell back squat is one of the easiest and natural ways to work your lower body.


Hinge from your hips, sit back and down, going as far down as you can, keeping knees behind your toes.

Keep your torso as upright as possible.

When standing back up, squeeze your glutes and think of driving your knees outwards to the sides.

If you’re starting out, be sure to get your technique for bodyweight squats nailed down first before adding the barbell and more weights.

2. Barbell Stiff-Leg Deadlift

It’s literally picking something up from the floor, while keeping your legs as straight as possible.


Hinge from your hips, keep the bar close to your body and shins throughout the movement.

Keep your back in neutral alignment.

Keep your core tight.

As you stand back up, dig your heels into the ground, drive through with your hips and squeeze your glutes.

3. Barbell Lunges

This will help with staving off muscular imbalances since you’re putting more emphasis on one leg at a time.


One leg in front of the other, both knees bent at roughly 90 degree angles with torso upright.

Toes, knees and hips pointing forward. Shoulders directly above hips.

Engage the glutes and stand up tall before alternating to your other leg.

4. Gymnastic Ring Squat to Row

Simply hang on to a couple of gymnastic rings with your arms fully extended in a half-squat.


Feet hip width apart, knees behind toes, torso upright.

Squeeze and engage your glutes as you straighten up from the squat.

Draw elbows out to the sides and squeeze the shoulder blades, bringing your chest towards the gymnastic rings.

5. Landmine Thrusters

How the word landmine got incorporated into the name of an exercise is beyond me. Perhaps it’s the burn you’ll experience when performing this movement. While it may be a mystery, it’s effective nonetheless.


Drop into a squat with both hands firmly grasping the bar.

Tuck your elbows in and keep the bar close to your chest.

Engage your glutes and drive upwards as you stand up from the squat.

Continue driving through your upper body, fully extending your arms pushing the bar upwards, keeping elbows soft.

Add some variety by alternating shoulders or keep it simple with the bar aligned to the middle of your chest.

6. Resisted Crab-Walk

Hit your legs and glutes from angles you rarely think of. We’re always thinking of moving up and down, or forwards and back, but what about side to side?

By attaching resistance in the form of a cord or band, you can make crab walks a whole lot harder.


Drop into a quarter or half squat.

Keep your torso upright, core engaged.

Side step with your toes, knees and hips pointing forwards.

Remember to switch and work both sides equally.

7. Lunge To Single-Arm Resistance Band Row

This movement is all about building balance. Start from the lunge position before standing up and performing a single-arm row.


One leg in front of the other, both knees bent at roughly 90 degree angles.

Toes, knees and hips pointing forward.

Engage the glutes and stand up tall.

Row your elbow towards the back, keeping elbow close to your torso, squeezing your shoulder blades and engaging the lats.

Repeat the same number of repetitions on the opposite side.

8. Battling Ropes

Not so much of a fixed exercise but a piece of equipment that’s versatile and have you working up a sweat. Vary your stance from squats, to full standing to engage even more of your core and of course, glutes.


Engage your core and glutes at all times.

Whip the ropes either simultaneously or in an alternating manner.

9. Swiss Ball Single Leg Squat

More balance work because no one wants to be a klutz.


With one foot up on a Swiss ball, slowly drop into a squat while rolling the ball to the back.

Roll the ball back and forth in a controlled manner as you go through the movement.

10. Leg Press

If you’ve stepped into a gym or any sort of fitness centre, you’ve probably seen the leg press machine. It’s like doing a squat, but easier and with less engagement of the core and other muscle groups.

A good way to finish up a workout once your muscles are spent.


Engage and squeeze your glutes with your feet firmly planted on the machine. Feet should be hip width apart, toes pointing to the ceiling.

Press the weight away from you, keeping knees in line with your toes at all times.

Amore Fitness and Boutique Spa

With the recent opening of Hillion Mall in Bukit Panjang, there’s now another option for those looking to get fit with the Amore Fitness and Boutique Spa located within the new sprawling mall.

Amore Fitness and Boutique spa at Hillion Mall is your one stop centre for a holistic fitness regimen, outfitted with equipment from Technogym, including the Omnia8, which makes functional training space efficient.

No need to worry about running around the gym like a crazy person when you can get a full workout with one single equipment.

Mother’s Day may be over, but the S$68 special promotion will run from now through 31 May 2017, which includes:

  • 1 week fitness pass
  • Aromatic Swedish Massage (60mins)
  • Algotherm Travel Set

It’s valid for all new members, so if you’ve been on the fence about signing up for a gym… there’s no better time than now!

Amore Fitness and Boutique Spa: Hillion Mall, 17 Petir Road #B1-18, Singapore 678278 | Website | Facebook | Contact Fitness: +65 6266 6822 & Spa: +65 6266 5822 | Fitness: (Mon to Fri) 9am – 10am, (Sat) 9am – 9.30pm, (Sun & PH) 9am – 9pm | Spa: (Mon to Fri) 10.30am – 10pm, (Sat) 10.30am – 9.30pm, (Sun & PH) 10.30am – 9pm

*This post is brought to you in partnership with Amore Fitness and Boutique Spa.

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